Newcomerstown Village Council is going to be making some hard decisions in the near future.

Mayor Pro-Tempore Sue Simmons, who acted as mayor in absence of Mayor Jim Friel last Monday night, said it comes down to wants and needs for the village.

Council agreed to transfer $27,565.03 from the General Fund to the Park Fund in order to balance the budget and make it current. Those deficits were incurred during the previous year.

After taking that action, council unanimously approved repealing the Newcomerstown Recreation Board on an emergency basis.

"We eliminated it as of right now," councilman Jim Carr said. "Council takes full control of all activities at the park. It has to be managed a lot better than it has been."

Councilman Dave Hickman agreed and said in the past few years, they have had to transfer money from the General Fund to the Park Fund -- anywhere from $9,000 to $60,000 a year. He said with the village being in fiscal emergency, he doesn't want to see the Park Fund become that of the Cemetery Fund where the deficit is such a large amount.

He said the Cy Young Pool needs to have a formal assessment completed before they even consider re-opening the pool this May.

"If we get it (Cy Young Pool) open -- it remains to be seen," Hickman said.

With the uncertainty of the pool's opening and the mounting debt, Hickman said the quickest way to correct these problems is to take back control.

The Recreation Board, which was the governing body of Cy Young Park, consisted of President Greg Bowman, and members Dr. Rick Roe, Jeff Davis, Phil Murphy and Bernie Rusnak. Bowman made no comment following council's action to disband the board.

Meanwhile, council voted to "actively pursue" looking into hiring a Village Administrator. Although the duties of the position are not known, council is looking for candidates that have experience in village government, a business background, and can operate equipment, if need be. Resumes with salary specifications for the full-time position are being accepted.

In other business, a representative from the Ohio Erie Canal Coalition is expected to attend an upcoming meeting to discuss the bicycle/walking pathway from Newcomerstown to Stone Creek.

It was also announced that the pot holes on village streets are expected to be repaired either one evening or on a Saturday.

A moment of silence was observed for two village employees who passed away recently. Prayers were extended to the families of the late Eric Kail, Newcomerstown Police officer, and the late Bob Martin, Newcomerstown Street commissioner.

Council will meet again Monday, April 15 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center, Newcomerstown.