Super seconds

Spring weather at last! We're enjoying the warm up, but please make sure your child brings a jacket on those cooler days they still have every now and then. This is a busy month for second graders. Besides learning how to add and subtract three digit numbers and working towards our last nine weeks' AR goals, they will be taking the Otis-Lennon test the week of April 22. A good night's sleep, a healthy breakfast and coming to school with pencils will be much appreciated that week. Students are also looking forward to our field trip to McKinley Museum and Monument in Canton on April 30. This is always a good trip where students have lots of fun while learning about many different things. Second grade teachers would like to say THANK YOU to the parents who have volunteered to join us as chaperones!

Third grade news

It's hard to believe that it's spring and the year is quickly coming to an end. Thank you for allowing us to teach your children. In the next month, they have some fun activities planned and some things they just have to do-like OAA testing.

The OAA Reading testing is Tuesday, April 23 in the morning and OAA Math testing on Thursday, April 25. Have your child get a good night's rest and eat a good breakfast. The students have all worked very hard preparing for the test and they know they will do great!

On Friday, May 3, they will be having West School Field Day. Dress for the weather and put on sun screen (if sunny). Have your children wear tennis shoes and get ready for some fun in the sun. The annual third grade field trip to Roscoe Village will be on May 10.

Keep reading at home and working on those multiplication facts with your children.

They are looking forward to a great end to a fabulous school year and thank you again for allowing us to be apart of your children's lives.

Fourth grade features

The fourth graders are hard at work reviewing for the Ohio Achievement Assessments that will be given on April 23 and 24. They are reviewing math and reading concepts with Miss Carruthers. Her language students are finishing up their biographies on a revolutionary war figure.

Miss Bates is working on theme, antonyms and synonyms, as well as linking and helping verbs with her students. She reminds everyone to continue studying their spelling words for their tests.

The science classes are reviewing perimeter, area and data analysis. They are collecting, organizing and graphing data about their favorite things.

In math class, the students have been working on fractions and decimals. They will be reviewing many key concepts using games, activities, and past test questions. The students have had fun using hopscotch to practice ordering fractions. Keep practicing multiplication facts.

In Ohio History, students have been analyzing a primary source document, The Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Students have dissected various articles and put them in terms they could understand. They have memorized the three step plan to statehood. Also, students participated in a public land auction, where they were given a scenario, Monopoly money, and bid on sections of land. The Unit 2 test is approaching so please be studying pages 68 to 105 with your child.

Fifth grade news

The fifth grade students are working hard to get ready for the OAA's (Ohio Achievement Assessments)

The students will be taking three tests: OAA Reading, Thursday, April 25; OAA Math, Tuesday, April 30; and OAA Science, Thursday, May 2.

Take time to talk with your child about the importance of these tests and encourage them to do their best. Also, make sure your child is prepared each day for the tests by getting a good nights sleep and eating a healthy breakfast. With your encouragement we are confident your child will be successful.

This is a busy time of year for the fifth graders. Along with the OAAs, they have some fun, educational activities planned. The following is a list of those activities, more information will be sent home with your child as each event draws near.

Friday, April 26 Field Trip to the Norma Johnson Center Outdoor Science Education Activity

Friday, May 5 Track and Field Day at West School

Monday, May 6 Talent Show Try Outs

Tuesday, May 7 Talent Show Try Outs

Tuesday, May 7 Boy/Girl Talk with Nurse Collins

Wednesday, May 15 Math Tournament

Friday, May 17 Field Trip to the Great Lakes Science Center

Tuesday, May 21 Egg Drop Activity - Science Experiment

Wednesday, May 22 Talent Show

Thursday, May 23 Talent Show and Awards Assembly

Friday, May 24 AR Celebration and Clap Out for 5th Graders

Social Studies classes are currently learning about the Civil War. They will be making trading cards of important people and events of the war. They will also be tasting corn dodgers and hard tack just like the soldiers had. Upcoming topics are economics and careers. Parents look forward to searching for products or goods that are made in the United States and imported from other countries.

Math classes will be ending the school year by completing a "mystery math project." The project will take place outdoors and will encompass everything the students have learned this year. Also, a select group of math students will represent West School at the county math tournament on May 15

Reading classes will be reading a popular novel entitled "Poppy" by Avi. They will be doing a variety of activities associated with the book and will even be able to dissect an owl pellet at the end of the unit.

Science classes will be participating in a variety of activities centered around embryology. Chicken eggs will be delivered to the classroom by the 4 H Extension Office. Students will have the opportunity to observe the eggs and eventually watch the chicks hatch. Students will also be doing an experiment involving eggs. They will each have to design a product to protect an egg as it is dropped from the top of the stadium bleachers. This is always an exciting activity for the students.