Arbor Day is the last Friday in April each year.

It all began in Nebraska in 1872. A special day was set aside for planting trees. This tree planting idea caught on and now we celebrate Arbor Day each year.

All over the world, people are planting trees in their yards and in their communities, caring for them, and learning about their value.

Here, in the United States, we call this tree planting festival Arbor Day.

In other lands, you may hear it called Arbor Week, Tree Holiday, or Tree Festival. In Japan, it is called Greening Week.

In Israel, it is called the New Year's Day of the Trees.

Korea actually has a Tree-Loving Week. Iceland has a Student's Afforestation Day. (Notice the word "forest" hidden in that complicated word.)

This means "to change open land into forest." People in India celebrate a National Festival of Tree Planting.

Whatever people call this special time of year, they are sharing the news that trees are important to us all, wherever, we live around the world.