Mother's Day is right around the corner. This is the day to honor the woman who sacrificed to give you the best things life has to offer. Therefore, when showing your mother you care about her, it's best to skip the new vacuum and hand mixer for something that will be more meaningful.

While there are scores of ideas out there in terms of gifts, here are a few she's bound to love.

1. Spa treatments: A gift certificate for a spa treatment or a massage will be appreciated, as will products she can use around the house to create a spa experience in her own bath.

2. Home decor items: Chances are Mom can use a few new items around the house, particularly high-end ones that she can put on display. Crystal vases, porcelain figurines and items of similar stature are good considerations.

3. Perfume: Sneak into Mom's bedroom and see what scents she prefers. Go to the cosmetic section of your favorite department store and ask a salesperson to help you find something along the same lines in a new fragrance.

4. Watch: Show Mom that you appreciate spending "time" together. Every moment she checks her new watch, she'll think of you.

5. Gift basket: If you cannot think of just one gift to sum up your feelings, put together a themed gift basket made up of a number of items. For example, if Mom is a foodie, place cookbooks, wine, a hostess set, gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, and similarly themed items inside.

6. Jewelry: Women of all ages appreciate a little bling. Treat mom to a new piece of jewelry that will remind her of you. A heart pendant or diamond earrings are timeless gifts.