Library closing date

The East and West School libraries will be closing for the year on Friday, May 17 for end of the year inventory. Students must have all books checked in at this time. Reminders will be sent home with those students who still have books checked out after this date. Any students with a book still checked out or who have an unpaid library fee at the end of the year will not receive their report card until the books are returned and/or the fees paid along with any other school holds.

Library volunteers

Library volunteers are needed to help organize the books and shelves at East and West Elementary to prepare for end of the year inventory. Volunteer sheets were sent home with students May 1st for interested volunteers to organize shelves the week of May 13. This is a big job each spring. Many hands make light work! If interested in helping, please fill out the volunteer sheet sent home with students, or you may email Mrs. Durben at for the scheduled work times.

AR Celebration volunteers

West School students are close to earning 16,000 AR points as a building to have the AR Celebration on the last day of school, Friday, May 24. Everyone grades second through fifth at West School will get to attend this celebration since we are earning it as a whole building working together. This is a big event and many volunteers are needed for it to be a success. Volunteer sheets were sent home May 1 if you would like to volunteer. Fill out the sheet and return it to Mrs. Durben or you may email Mrs. Durben at

West Field Day

On May 3, students in grades two through five traveled with their homeroom and competed against the other teams in their grade level. They could not have asked for a more perfect day this annual event.

Competitions included tug-o-war, team flag tag, dodgeball, the potato sack race, volleyball, crab cage ball and, our newest event, the jumbo speed stacks relay race. Students utilized their tossing skills when scoring points for their class in the backyard game of cornhole.

A big thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to make this field day the best yet! You did an incredible job running the events and making our fitness celebration a great success.

A special thanks also goes out to Tom Mason for painting the event areas and placing bleachers around the playing fields so that the spectators had a nice place to sit and enjoy watching the games.

Fourth grade news

In science class, they are working on the plant unit. They are learning about the different parts of plants, and how they grow. They are excited to watch the lima bean seeds grow in the classroom!

In reading, they are finishing up our persuasive essays. The students are working hard and doing an excellent job on them! Make sure your child is reading over the summer break to keep their brains thinking!

In Ohio History, they are spending time learning about the three branches of government and how they work together.

In Math, they are working with division. They are using a new method called partial quotient division. Students use groups of numbers they are comfortable with to find the quotient. They are also working with elapsed time. Students are doing a wonderful job with both concepts!