"Thank God for the CIC," are the sentiments that Newcomerstown resident and community activist Pat Cadle said, following a short Newcomerstown Village Council meeting on Monday, May 13.

The Newcomerstown Community Improvement Corporation stepped up for the residents of this community -- in a big way -- by providing some $12,500 for repairs and needed safety measures at the Cy Young Pool. Council met Monday to formally accept the donation.

"I'm glad the CIC stepped up," Cadle said. "It benefits them, too. It's a good deal."

Continuing to have a community pool will, hopefully, benefit the community in the long run by attracting more oil and gas industry workers and their families to this area, Cadle said. In turn, Newcomerstown will benefit from the revenue that they generate.

As far as a time frame to have the improvements completed -- such as a new chlorinator system installed and other items mentioned in a list of repairs from Patterson Pool Co. of Columbus -- no exact time was given.

The pool normally opens on Memorial Day weekend.

"We're going to have the pool open," Mayor Jim Friel said. "It won't be by Memorial Day but it will open."

At council's May 6, the board made a unified motion that it would not open the pool until all safety measures have been corrected.

The major repairs will be completed by Patterson Pool Co. Mayor Friel said it would be a three-day project for them.

However, the community is continuing to rally around saving the pool. Residents continue to donate to a pool fund established at the Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union.

Cadle said so far, the fund has approximately $775 in it.

He said that money may be used for other things at the pool such as re-wiring the electrical wires in the pump room, or be used for supplies or salaries for pool employees.

Through the efforts of Cadle, the village was able to obtain a $7,000 grant from the J.E. Reeves Foundation for a handicapped lift at the pool.

The donations and grant monies will allow the pool to open this year.

However, some residents are still questioning how and who will manage the funds that are raised by the community.

Mayor Friel said the monies will be placed in the pool improvement fund.

But residents are urging council to re-instate the volunteer five-member Newcomerstown Recreation Board. Mayor Friel said it will most likely happen.

Council, unanimously, said May 6 that the way in which the board was disbanded was wrong and more communication is by both sides before they can move forward.