TUSCARAWAS -- Indian Valley Foundation Board of Directors had its second annual Scholarship Recognition Banquet on April 29 in the Indian Valley Middle School Commons at Tuscarawas, honoring 16 Indian Valley High School graduating seniors with $500 scholarships each to further their education.

Also recognized were five Indian Valley teaching staff who will receive classroom grants of $250 each for special programming they will do in the fall of 2013 to enhance the educational learning experiences of students.

The welcome was given by Martha Roudebush, IVF president, and Indian Valley graduate Jimmy Stull gave the invocation and benediction. Superintendent Ira Wentworth introduced his administrative team in attendance and spoke briefly. Featured speaker was Jeff Stocker of Gnadenhutten, a graduate of Indian Valley South High School.

Foundation Treasurer Minnie Garabrandt updated the audience on awards the foundation has made to date, including 41 $500 scholarships, and 36 classroom and building grants totaling over $12,000 since the foundation's inception three and a half years ago.

Scholarship recipients of $500 each were:

William Bonanno of Dennison, son of William and Debra Bonanno, given by Gnadenhutten High School Alumni Association and presented by Tom Frank.

Magen Kennedy of New Philadelphia, daughter of James and Rhonda Kennedy, given by Gnadenhutten High School Alumni Association and presented by Tom Frank.

Brennae Porter of Gnadenhutten, daughter of William and Carol Porter, given in memory of Carl "Buke" and Freda Martin and presented by Ted Martin.

Daniel Johnson of Gnadenhutten, son of Revs. Darrell and Christine Johnson, given in memory of Wayne Martin and presented by Ted Martin.

Courtney Emler of Newcomerstown, daughter of Brian and Tamara Emler, given in memory of Claire Boring by the Boring family and presented by Minnie Garabrandt.

Jeremy Leishman of New Philadelphia, son of Sheila Scott, given by the Gnadenhutten High School Class of 1961 and presented by Sharon Frank.

Alvin C. Moore III of Port Washington, son of Alvin and Debbie Moore, given in memory of Kenny Kohl by Betty Lou Kohl Baker Family and presented by Gale Stull.

Emily Probert of New Philadelphia, daughter of William Probert and Cheryl Probert, given in memory of Robert and Dorothy McPeek and presented by Dave McPeek

Lindsey Smith of Tippecanoe, daughter of Willis and Jodi Smith, given in memory of Robert and Dorothy McPeek by Doug McPeek and presented by Dave McPeek.

Hunter Specht of Gnadenhutten, daughter of Kerri Specht and David Specht, given in memory of Todd McPeek by Robert McPeek and presented by Dave McPeek.

Jessica Beamer of Gnadenhutten, daughter of Rich Beamer and Karen Bechtol given in memory of Connie Reichman by the Reichman family and presented by Deb Lee.

Teai Warner of New Philadelphia, daughter of Joseph and Cindy Warner, given by the Midvale Alumni Association and presented by Louise Harris.

Zachary Murphy of New Philadelphia, daughter of Robert and Laura Murphy, given in memory of Steve Sherer by daughter Michele and Mike Giffen and presented by Michele and Mike Giffen.

Audreanne Smart of New Philadelphia, daughter of Gary Smart and Mary Jo Myers, given in memory of Beryl M. Parrish by C. Sue Gilmore Wiseman and presented by Brad Kaiser.

Bryce Allensworth of Tuscarawas, son of Wendy and Gary Allensworth, given in memory of Tanner Stine by his family and presented by Martha Roudebush.

Jeremy Maple of New Philadelphia, son of Ryan and Michele Maple, given in memory of Sgt. James L. Smith by Rachel Smith and presented by Martha Roudebush.

Classroom grants for Fall 2013 for $250 each were awarded as follows:

Terri Hupp of Midvale Elementary School -- "Tile On." Versa Tiles is a hands-on learning system to help teachers meet rising expectations of students through differentiation of information for each student. This system also reinforces test taking skills and supports Ohio's Common Core in ELA.

Ann Rentsch of Indian Valley Middle School -- "Braves Pathway to Career and College Readiness." Through collaboration with Middle School staff and community leaders this project, in cooperation with Fritz Johnson of the Buckeye Career Center, will enhance student knowledge of college and career direction. Students will discover through interest surveys possible future paths and research interests for college and career readiness skills. Beginning in the sixth grade and continuing through seventh and eighth grades, students will develop portfolios containing information that allows them to make knowledgeable college and career decisions.

Linda Spring of Midvale Elementary School -- "Just the Facts. " Fifth grade students will learn multiplication facts, then take a 100 problem timed test. At the end of the 1st, second, and third nine weeks students who passed the timed test will be invited to an ice cream party during recess where they will be presented with a T-shirt that states: I Know My Facts.

Denise Cooley, Indian Valley Middle School -- "Non-Fiction: New Heights" will allow 8th graders to explore new heights with quality non-fiction and informational texts across the curriculum, including everything from Math Dictionaries to Exploring Antarctica.

Aaron Davis, Indian Valley High School -- "Indian Valley Percussion Ensemble" will be comprised of students in ninth through twelfth grades. The group will accept anyone, regardless of their previous musical education level or experience and those who for various reasons, needed to end their participation in musical education classes due to extra-curricular or curricular scheduling conflicts. The group will practice and perform primarily novelty percussion instrumentation including, but not limited to brooms, newspapers, and office items.