Congratulation to Silas Bassett, son of Jared and Lori Bassett, for being selected by his teachers as the sixth grade Student of the Month for May at the Newcomerstown Middle School.

His teachers encourage him to keep up the hard work, and say that Silas is such a joy to have in class! They added that its great to have a student that seems to enjoy learning as much as he does and who always comes to class with a smile on his face! Silas lists World History as his favorite class this school year because the teacher always makes it so much fun, and he enjoys that the most. Silas thinks that the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is that the teachers are so encouraging, which really helped him on his OAA. Some hobbies that Silas enjoys are 4-H, baseball, youth group at First Baptist Church in New Philadelphia, hunting, dirt bike riding, mountain biking, and spending time with his family. Silas feels that one of his strengths is being a good big brother to his sister and brother, and thinks his greatest accomplishment so far has been winning first place in a dirt bike race. Some fun facts about Silas are that he has two pet lambs (Corie and Saddie); his favorite meal is barbecue ribs; the last movie he saw was "The Hunger Games;" his all-time favorite books are The Harry Potter Series; his favorite celebrity is Darius Rucker; his worst fear is heights; and he doesn't feel he can live without his family. The best piece of advice Silas has received thus far came from his parents, who told him, "Use it up! Wear it out! Make it do...or do without!" In the future, Silas hopes to go to college and secure a good job.

The seventh grade team of teachers have chosen Analise Heishman as their May Student of the Month because they feel she is an awesome student, and they appreciate that she is conscientious in all that she does. She also is very willing to bring items to show her classmates. (For example, she brought in an African outfit for World History.) Analise also is very actively involved in her church. Her teachers thoroughly enjoy having her in their classes. Analise, daughter of Brent and Lisa Heishman, lists art as her favorite class this year, because she loves to be creative, and she thinks the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is EVERYTHING! Some hobbies that Analise enjoys include ballet, lyrical, piano, playing the drums and playing soccer. Some fun facts about Analise are that her pets are stuffed animals (they don't eat much and make very little mess!); her favorite meal is macaroni and cheese; the last movie she saw was "Iron Man 3"; her favorite celebrity is Johnny Depp; and she doesn't feel she could live without food. The best piece of advice Analise has received so far in life came from her parents, who said, "Trust in God." So far, Analise thinks her greatest accomplishment has been taking dance for 10 years, and in the future, she hopes to be successful.

Madison Carr is the eighth grade Student of the Month for May, chosen by her teachers because she is a very studious, hard worker, who is helpful and offers to do whatever is needed during advisory. Her science projects are always done well and with creativity, and she manages to maintain excellent grades while participating in extracurricular activities. What a great student!

Madison, daughter of Chad and Tina Carr, says her favorite class this year is Science because the students always get to do so many different activities during class, and she thinks the best thing about Newcomerstown School is all the teachers. Madison feels one of her strengths is her personality, and enjoys a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including cheerleading, fishing, cooking, taking pictures, running, gardening, and yoga. Some fun facts about Madison are that she has three pet dogs (Titan, Zayda, and Biscuit); her favorite meal is chicken salad; the last movie she saw was "The Collection;" her all-time favorite book is 13 Reasons Why; her favorite expression is "Everyone wants happiness; no one wants rain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."; her favorite celebrity is Alex Pettyfer; and she feels she could not live without her cell phone. The best advice Madison has received came from one of her teachers, Mr. Marsh, who said, "Smile and have a positive attitude." Madison lists being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society as her greatest accomplishment so far, and in the future, she hopes to go to college.