NAPSI -- There's good news for those who are tired of giving dad a new version of the same old tie for Father's Day.

DK-a best-selling and award-winning publisher known for informative and beautifully designed content -- has dad's interests covered with an array of newly published titles available in print and e-book formats. From pop culture devotee to armchair scientist to mighty outdoorsman, DK has the perfect book to suit the father in your life.

Superhero fans will spend hours leafing through "Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel" ($24.99), a visually stunning tome that follows Superman's birth on Krypton to his double life at the Daily Planet.

Aviation lovers will take to the skies with "Aircaft" ($40), a Smithsonian-authorized history of early flying machines and today's supersonic jets.

From ancient philosophers to revolutionary leaders, "The Politics Book" ($25) clearly explains over 100 groundbreaking ideas that have shaped modern political thought.

Dad will become an expert on every aspect of the body from the skeleton to the skin with "The Human Body Book" ($40), the ultimate all-in-one guide, which comes with a supplementary DVD.

Yachtsmen of all levels will appreciate the easy-to-follow format of "Sailing Essentials" ($19.95), from hoisting a sail and reading charts to steering a course at night or laying an anchor.

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