DOVER -- Union Hospital, with the support of Movers and Shakers Against Parkinson's of Tuscarawas County, will offer an exercise program designed specifically for people with a movement disorder. Dubbed 'yUHr Move!', the 10-week exercise program has been organized by Jeremy Klaserner, a doctor of physical therapy at the Union Hospital Healthplex Rehabilitation Center in Dover.

"The 'yUHr Move! name represents Union Hospital's commitment to provide care and treatment for people with movement disorders," Klaserner said.

Klaserner says movement disorders include Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), and other movement related dysfunctions.

"With the generous support of the Movers and Shakers Against Parkinson's group, we're able to offer this program free of charge to qualified participants," Klaserner added.

Klaserner says the 'yUHr Move!' program is a 10-week exercise program meeting twice a week at the Healthplex. The specific exercises and movements are tailored to each person's physical condition, needs, and limitations.

"The latest research has proven that exercise is very beneficial for people with movement disorders," Klaserner said. "Our staff will test each participant's balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility, then lay out an exercise plan for them to follow for the ten weeks of the program."

Klaserner says the Movers and Shakers Against Parkinson's of Tuscarawas County provided funding for Healthplex physical therapists to receive specialized training to offer this program. That funding also covers the $150 per person cost of the program, making it free of charge for participants. Class size is limited. Those interested in registering for the program should contact Klaserner at 330-602-0719 during business hours.

Mark Luikart of New Philadelphia is a leader of the Movers and Shakers organization and encourages people with movement disorders to participate in the 'yUHr Move!' program.

"As a person with Parkinson's I know personally how exercise is critical to maintaining balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance," Luikart said. "The Movers and Shakers' support of the 'yUHr Move!' program is just the start of a partnership with Union Hospital to support diagnosis, treatment, and education for local people with movement disorders."

Luikart noted that similar programs are being developed at the Cleveland Clinic and in other metropolitan areas.

"With the proper training and equipment, hundreds of local Parkinson's patients and others with movement disorders will have treatments developed from cutting edge research for the first time, right here at Union Hospital," Luikart said.

Luikart and the Movers and Shakers organization will conduct the Mark's Place 10K Run/Walk event on Sunday, Oct. 13 at Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial. Proceeds from the race benefit Union Hospital's care for patients with movement disorders. Race information and registration is available at