Newcomerstown Village Council is encouraging the community to utilize the Cy Young Park Pool before it closes for the season.

"I am disappointed that people aren't going to the pool now that it's open," said councilman Jim Carr at last Monday's village council meeting. "I hope that we can get the community out and enjoy it."

The pool opened two months behind schedule this summer after safety improvements were made and a handicap accessible lift chair was installed due to federal regulations.

One resident thought the low attendance numbers at the pool was due to the fact that the water temperature was too cold and the outside temperature was not heating the pool. As far as council knew, the heater was not turned on at the pool but they would check into it so the water temperature is not as cold.

Swim lessons are scheduled to begin soon, which councilmember Heather Stein-Wells said would help generate funds for the pool.

Council also thanked Mike Kehl for his work in repairing the lifeguard chairs and having them ready for the pool's opening July 21.

Mayor Jim Friel said the pool will close for the season on Tuesday, Aug. 20. The pool hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.