Improving the amount of water and water pressure available to residents on Chapman Avenue continues to be one of the goals of the Newcomerstown Board of Public Affairs.

Residents on that street have had only a 2-inch water line when a 6-inch water line is recommended by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The board voted Aug. 9 to purchase material from HD Supply for the project at a cost of $10,000 with monies to come from the Water Repairs and Improvement Fund.

"Let's just stay right on that," said BPA President Gregg Shivers about making the repairs to the waterline on Chapman Avenue.

Meanwhile, the board approved Fleckinger Plumbing to repair pipes and a valve at the water treatment plant to cost $5,000 with money to come from Water R&I.

The board also voted to hired Bobby Dotson of Plainfield as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Level I operator at starting rate of $10.09 an hour.

Recently, Dustin Lehman, street department laborer, transferred to the water treatment plant.

The hiring of Dotson and transfer of Lehman comes after the untimely death of water department employee Ken Fish.

The board will meet again Friday, Sept. 13 at 9 a.m. at the water department.