CAMBRIDGE -- A balloon release full of more smiles than tears may not be the normal celebration for your last day of radiation therapy, but for Jenny Loos, it was a bonding experience with her daughter, Tina Strauss, who is a breast cancer survivor.

On Thursday, Aug. 15, Loos and her family, as well as staff members from the Cambridge Regional Cancer Center, had an emotional and fun gathering for Loos's final radiation treatment.

Tina had a special surprise for her mother -- a balloon release outside of the cancer center. The family had a similar celebration on Strauss's last day of treatment.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in April of this year, Loos has undergone radiation therapy five times a week since June for a total of 33 treatments at the Cambridge Regional Cancer Center. The cancer center began offering radiation therapy in June.

"The staff members here at the cancer center are wonderful people," Loos said. "I really appreciate their kind and compassionate service. They truly make treatments a lot easier. And if you have to have cancer, this is the place to come for treatment."

The purchase of the Cambridge Regional Cancer Center allowed Southeastern Med to provide comprehensive cancer care close to home for Guernsey and Noble county residents.

Southeastern Med and the cancer center offer a range of services to treat the whole person -- not just the disease, including advanced hematology and medical oncology services, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, nutrition counseling, palliative care and support groups.