GNADENHUTTEN -- There's a new face at the Gnadenhutten Public Library.

As you drive through Gnadenhutten, you may notice a colorful new resident in front of the library. The library's book return was showing its age, but purchasing a new one wasn't in the budget so Carole Courtwright, youth librarian and artist decided to give him a new a look.

"Carole is so creative and talented," said Erin Barlow, library director. "It's been fun to see it all come together."

Library Board of Trustees members Dick Brown and Matt Bonvechio power washed, cleaned and primed the old fashioned mailbox then gave Courtwright free reign. The end result is a handsome new turtle. The turtle doesn't have a name though so the library is having a "name the turtle" contest now through Oct. 1. The winner will be selected by the Library Board and staff and a prize will be awarded.

The turtle isn't the only new thing at the library. The youth department recently installed a new circulation desk, shelving and other items generously donated by The Dover Public Library. The Dover Public Library is remodeling their youth department and their Director and Board of Trustees kindly thought they might find a new home in Gnadenhutten.

"We appreciate them thinking of us," Mrs. Barlow said. "The new items have definitely made a difference and given the department a bit of a boost. We'd love to have people visit the Gnadenhutten Public Library, help name the turtle and see the additions to the youth department."