William Casteel/Newcomerstown News

Bud Scott, Newcomerstown Historical Society vice president, is seen seated near the cellar door way of the Temperance Tavern Museum, along side a recent discovery. Scott was doing some routine maintenance at the museum last month when he found what appears to part of the original handmade sign for the Temperance Tavern (then noted to be called the Temperance House). The original owner, Andrew Creter's name (A Creter) is noted at the bottom of the sign. The letters appear to be a block-cut design which was a popular method in the mid to late nineteenth century. The establishment is documented to have been opened by the Creter family shortly after the house was built in 1841. The sign appears to have been cut in half and the pieces used for repair of the door frame many years ago, then painted over. Museum staff are hopeful that the remainder of the sign is just above the other section in the doorway but possibly had been turned the opposite way so that it is obscuring the remaining portion of the letters. The staff are discussing the possibility of having the sign extracted from the doorway and restored, then displayed in a more appropriate area so that it can be enjoyed by the museum's visitors.