DOVER -- Some of the best drivers on the road are those considered "senior motorists." But all the experience in the world will not help avoid an accident if the senior driver does not understand the changes that come with aging.

Adapting to age-related change is the purpose of the AARP Driver Safety Program at Union Hospital.

Those who have attended these classes over the years say they have a better understanding of these age-related changes in their driving ability and more confidence knowing they can adapt to those changes.

The next one-day program will be held on Friday, Sept. 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Union Hospital's Toomey Conference room.

The cost to attend is $12 for AARP members, $14 for non-members for class materials. Register for the program online at under "Health Events," or call the Union Hospital Community Relations office at 330-602-0778.

Students will have a refresher course about the basic rules of the road and defensive driving.

Understanding age-related changes to vision, hearing, and physical abilities will help the student adjust their driving techniques accordingly.

Other topics include highway driving, night driving, and knowing how common medications can affect driving safety.

There is no actual driving involved in the class.

Those who complete the Safe Driving course may be eligible for discounts offered by their auto insurance company. Discounts are normally extended over a three-year period, and after that time the driver must renew the certificate by taking the course again.

Check with your insurance agent to determine whether a discount is available for completing the Safe Driving course.