Welcome back to school!

Our daily schedule has changed a bit from last year. Our doors will not be open before 7:30 a.m. If students arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. they should report to the cafeteria. Breakfast is free for all students. Breakfast ends at 8:10 so students should be sure to eat as soon as they arrive. Our tardy bell now rings at 8:15 a.m.

Lots of activities are going on--youth football, biddy cross country, youth cheerleading, girl, boy and cub scouts. We are so proud of all of our students who are enjoying these extra activities.

In class meetings on the first day, I talked with students about being "bucket fillers" and how that can make our school a great place to be. Being a "bucket filler" basically means doing or saying something that makes another person feel good (filling their bucket). Whenever we see students being bucket fillers, they will get to hang a star in our "hall of fame." The hall is already filling with stars!

I will be using the parent notification system to make you aware of important information and events throughout the year. If the primary phone number where you receive these calls has changed, please make sure to let us know so that we can update the system. If you want to add additional numbers, you can call 1-800-846-4976 from your primary number and follow the prompts.

Mrs. Erin Peoples, principal

Computer Corner

by Mrs. Marca Porter

It is exciting to be starting a new school year. If your child enjoys math or needs extra practice in math, the featured web site above is a great web site for math games.

Miss Lefler's class is learning to use the mouse using the Bees and Honey Game. (You can find it on the TVOKids web site.) The game is designed to help students learn coordination using the mouse.

Third and fifth grade classes are taking the Technology Pretest. The test is made up of a sampling of all the things we will be learning in computer class. At the end of the year, we will have a Post-Test and see how much we have learned.

Second grade is learning about the multimedia software, Kidpix. This program has text, graphics, sound and animation. We can also make a slide show or a poster while having fun with the program.

Fourth graders are making a digital portfolio in which we will save our projects throughout the year. Today, we made a cover with our name and pictures of the things we like. All the students are excited to learn more about technology.

Second grade news

The second grade students are off to a great start! We are learning our way through the building and getting to know all the staff here at West. The second grade staff includes Mrs. Sproat, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Hayes, Miss Schlabach, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Cox, and Mrs. McDonnell. Students will be bringing home math or reading homework each night. Please read the stories with your child and sign the reading contract. Be sure to stop and ask your child questions about what he/she just read. You can also have them retell or summarize the selection when you are finished reading. We will be getting the AR program started. Students have completed the STAR reading test. This is a test that will help set a reading range for independent reading. Students are welcome to take AR tests on books from home. Just send the book in or write the title down. They can also take classroom books home. They just need to follow the procedure that their teacher uses for taking books home. In math, we will be working hard on the basic addition and subtraction facts. Students need to know these facts from memory. Any help with these facts at home would be wonderful! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great year!

Third grade news

Welcome back to school! It was wonderful to meet all the parents, students, and family members that were able to attend our open house. We want to thank our students' families for all they have done to help get the year off to a great start. We appreciate all the supplies sent and the paperwork completed. Throughout the year check with your child to see if they are in need of more pencils, paper, erasers, or dry erase markers. There are quite a few changes this year in third grade. With the early start time we are able to have two time periods set aside for intervention, one in the morning for reading and one in the afternoon for math. During these times, your child will be placed in a group that best meets his/her needs. These groups may change each nine weeks. This will begin the week of Sept. 3rd. The results from Star testing for math and reading will be used to determine groups.Your child will also be assigned an AR level at that time. As in the past, each child will have an AR goal of 85 percent and an amount of points required for each nine weeks. Tests may only be taken at school but books may be read at school or at home. We will encourage your child to choose books at his/her level. We are excited to get started and look forward to a fun and successful year. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher with any questions or concerns.

Fourth grade features

Welcome to a new school year! Fourth graders are off to a wonderful start. They have done a great job at learning their schedule and seem to be enjoying changing classes. The biggest challenge in changing classrooms all day long is staying organized. We have given the students three folders to help them. Parents please do not empty out their "Keep" folder. These are materials that the teachers need the students to bring back to class. You may empty the gold folder any time it has papers in it. The purple folder is for current homework that needs completed. Also, your child should be writing in their agenda daily. This is the easiest way for you to know what homework is to be done each night.

In reading, we will be starting our first story My Diary from Here to There. We will be having a Reading test every week. In Language Arts, we are discussing sentences and punctuation. We will have a test usually every other week. In Spelling, we will also have a test every other week. The spelling words will be in their agenda. Please practice them at home too! Remember to read every night; every little bit helps!

In math, students are working on developing number sense by understanding place value. We are also working on our multiplication facts. All students are given a set of flashcards as they are ready for a new set of times tables. You can help your child by skip counting with them and then running through the flashcards every night. To be fluent they should be able to recall each product within three seconds.

In science, the students are learning about the scientific process. Ask them to see if they can recall the vocabulary they are learning. The students in Ohio History are learning about the continents and oceans and where they are located in relationship to where they live.

Fifth grade news

We have had an excellent start to the 2013-2014 school year in fifth grade! Our team has always appreciated the commitment and time you invest in your child's education. That being said, we are always willing to make time to meet with you whenever the need arises. If you desire a meeting or would like to contact a teacher concerning your child, please feel free to do so. The following is a list of the fifth grade teachers and the subjects he/she teaches:

Mrs. Cabot, Science

Mrs. Hlad and Mr. McClellan, Math

Mrs. Hursey, Social Studies

Mrs. Rominger and Mrs. Travis, Reading

We view fifth grade as a stepping stone, preparing our students for middle school. We hope for your child to develop a sense of not only responsibility, but also accountability throughout the school year. One way we will assist with this is by expecting your child to use his/her agenda as a tool for organization. Each teacher will provide time during class for students to write down assignments and important information. We also encourage that binders go home on a daily basis. Please support us by checking your child's binder and agenda every evening.

One highlight of the year that is coming quickly upon us is Fifth Grade Camp. We will leave for camp on Wednesday, Sept. 25 and will return on Friday, Sept. 28. There will be a parent information meeting in September; the date is yet to be decided. Information regarding the date and time of the meeting will be sent home soon. We will also be sending home a notice if your child still owes a balance for camp.

Fifth grade is an exciting year for our students. From camp in September to the Talent Show in May, and everything in between, this year is going to be one your child will never forget.