The fall season is here and with that comes falling leaves, and the task of raking, and getting rid of them.

In light of the recent fiscal emergency, a plan of action is now being taken to help reduce further costs for the Village of Newcomerstown.

The plan of action will begin with the annual leaf pick-up that has been a courtesy of the village for many years. During last Monday night's regular village council meeting (Sept. 16) council members discussed the seriousness of the fiscal emergency and imminent need to implement any type of cost containment strategy that they can. Council has made the decision to not pick up leaves this year, and are requesting for residents to mulch (mow over) the leaves instead. The concern of the cost of the fuel for the leaf collector and additional manpower was discussed.

Street Superintendent Mike Bryant informed council that the leaf collector does require excessive amount of fuel to operate each day that it is utilized. The leaf pick up process also requires additional street department staff which also creates additional cost and possible overtime.

The village is requesting that residents not rake any leaves into the streets as they will not be picked up and residents will then be responsible to remove them from the street. Council said if residents do not comply with the request it will possibly cause the leaves to gather and obstruct the drain system which in turn could affect resident's sewer service.

Other business discussed included:

• Bryant was approved to order 100 tons of street salt from the Morton Company in anticipation for the upcoming winter. The cost this year is $51.11

See LEAF, page 6

per ton.

• LEADS system (Law Enforcement Agencies Data System) annual contract renewal was approved at a cost of $600. This program is utilized by the police department, and assists in protecting the community.

• Police Chief Gary Holland said the department had recently completed a mandatory suicide identification course that was provided by local mental health resource.

• Hitchens & Associates was approved to be retained for the 2013-14 paving project.

• The street department is checking on costs for new stop signs. The state is requiring a new specific sized sign beginning next year, thus existing stop signs in the village will eventually need replaced.

• The absence of stop signs in the Scott Addition was also discussed and the village is planning to install stop signs on the following streets: Starkey, Scott, Hickory, Ash, and Cricket Hill.

• First reading was given on an ordinance regarding recreational vehicle parking and storage in the village.

• Kennedy Insurance was approved to continue as the village's insurance carrier.

Council's next meeting will be Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. at the civic center.