Congratulations to Alaina McCort! The Sixth Grade Team at the Newcomerstown Middle School has nominated her as the student of the month for October 2013. Her teachers have numerous comments to share about their star student. McCort has done an outstanding job in all of her classes to start off the year. She is prepared for her classes and is willing to do more than what is expected of her. She is a hard worker and always has a smile on her face.

She is the daughter of Ben and Theresa McCort. Her favorite class this year is Science because she says its really fun, and she enjoys doing the experiments and finding out things that she didn't know. If she were the principal, she would make sure that there was no bullying or fighting at all in school. Some of her hobbies and extracurricular activities are reading, drawing, dance, and playing the clarinet. Some fun facts about McCort are that she has two pets, a dog named Bear and a cat named Charlie Jo Marbles; her favorite meal is a creamed chicken sandwich; her all-time favorite book is The Mysterious Benedict Society; the last movie she watched was Despicable Me 2; her favorite celebrity is Taylor Swift; and her worst fear is heights. If McCort were invisible, she says she would stay at Hershey Park for a week and ride each ride multiple times each. When asked what she could not live without, she chose her Bible.

The best piece of advice that McCort has ever received was from the Bible that said, "Do not hold back from doing something good for someone when it is in the power of your hand to do it." So far in her life, her greatest achievement is getting a perfect score on the Reading OAA last year! In the future, she hopes that the world will have peace and there will be no more war.