The Newcomerstown Bicentennial Committee has been searching for the definitive souvenir that will best represent the event years from now. They believe they have found it with the Newcomerstown-opoly game.

Sponsor a property square, utility, a special square, or a card set (community chest/chance) and your name or business will become part of Newcomerstown prosperity.

The sponsorships differ in price and are rated based on their location on the board. The farther from start, the more they cost. A board square may be listed as your present business name, a residential street, a past business that is warmly remembered or your family tree. As part of your sponsorship, you will receive your own game.

Only 40 purchases are available on the board and only 500 games will be produced. So far, 13 squares have been purchased. All sponsorships will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For questions or to purchase a sponsorship, call John Geese at 498-8450, Burris Gardner at 498-6227 or Pat Cadle at 498-8614.