October Students of the Month named

Congratulations to Parker Frye! The sixth grade team has nominated him as the student of the month for October 2013.

The sixth grade team has numerous comments to share about their star student. Parker is an excellent role model for the sixth grade class as well as NMS. He displays a great work ethic as he is very attentive and works diligently on assignments. Daily, Parker enters the middle school with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. He is always willing to help his fellow classmates and teachers. Parker strives for excellence in school and in his activities outside of school as well. Parker's hard work and dedication at NMS is appreciated by his teachers, and they encourage him to keep up the excellent work. We are proud of you! Parker is the son of Kipp Frye and Julie Bryant, and his favorite classes this year are math and history, because he likes the classes and his teachers. He believes football and math are his strengths. Also, his favorite activities are playing football and working on his computer. Parker feels the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is the teaching staff. He also said if he were the principal, he would make school as fun as possible. Some fun facts about Parker are that he has a dog named Tubba; his favorite meal is chicken alfredo; the last movie he watched was "The Fast and The Furious 6"; his all-time favorite books is Hatchet; and if he were ever invisible, he would turn all his friends invisible, too. The best piece of advice he has ever received was from his stepfather, Jason, who said, "Play hard or die trying." Parker stated his greatest achievement is catching a pass to score a touchdown this season. In the future, he hopes his team wins the youth football championship game which will lead them to the Super Bowl for their league!

Congratulations to Sarah Watson, for being chosen as the seventh grade October Student of the Month by her teachers, who say she is an awesome student to have in class! Sarah is a conscientious, dependable worker, who is always there to offer help to others. She sets a good example for her classmates and peers, and displays her leadership abilities as one of the captains of the NMS volleyball team. Sarah, daughter of Paul and Tommi Watson, lists Science as her favorite class this year because students get the opportunity to do fun labs and learn about cool things. If she were principal, Sarah states that she would have a spirit day every week of the school year, and she lists being chosen as captain of the volleyball team as her greatest achievement. She feels some of her strengths are being helpful and listening, and thinks the best advice she's received so far came from her mom, who told her to "play your best." Some fun facts about Sarah are that she has two dogs (Buddy and Sadie); her favorite meal is buffalo chicken wings; the last movie she saw was "The Great Gatsby;" her all-time favorite book is Thunder Cake; she doesn't feel she could live without her dogs and her friends; and if she were invisible, she would anonymously do random acts of kindness for others. In the future, Sarah hopes to graduate from college with a degree in Early Childhood Development.

Brody Lehman, son of Shawn and Tina Lehman, has been selected by his teachers as the eighth grade Student of the Month for October because he is a model student at Newcomerstown Middle School. His teachers say he is an outstanding, respectful young man who goes above and beyond what is asked of him, and is also a leader outside the walls of NMS, as a multi-sport athlete. This year, Brody's favorite class is American History because he finds it really interesting and fun, and he thinks one of the best things about Newcomerstown Middle School is the extra curricular activities. In fact, some of Brody's interests include playing football, basketball, and running track.

So far in life, Brody feels his greatest accomplishment has been his induction into the National Junior Honor Society, and he thinks the best advice he's received came from his dad, who told him to "give 110 percent at everything you do." Some fun facts about Brody are that he has two dogs (Buster and Buford); his favorite meal is pizza; the last movie he saw was "We're the Millers;" his favorite expression is "No Pain, No Gain;" his all-time favorite book is "Friday Night Lights;" and he feels he couldn't live without his television. In the future, Brody hopes to attend Ohio State University.