The village government in Newcomerstown was dealt a blow last Tuesday when they learned the possible outcome of not coming out of fiscal emergency status.

Sharon Hanrahan of the Ohio Office of Budget and Management cited two sections of the Ohio Revised Code that outline the violations that the village has made regarding the submission of a detailed financial plan and the cooperation in furnishing information.

She said the ultimate price for these "penalties" -- if the fiscal emergency lasts more than four years -- would be the dissolution of the village.

So far, the village has one year completed after being designated in fiscal emergency on Oct. 11, 2012.

The Financial Planning and Supervision Commission approved Oct. 8 Resolution 2013-01 which informs the Village of Newcomerstown of its failure to substantially comply with the financial recovery plan submitted June 24, 2013, and to request the Village of Newcomerstown to submit an amended financial recovery plan.

The resolution requests that a detailed financial plan be submitted immediately because the current plan is not being followed. The current plan had that the village would place a 1.5-mill property tax levy on the November 2013 ballot. That did not happen.

The resolution also states that the fiscal officer failed to close the books of the preceding month and reconcile the bank statements by the 12th day of the following month as required by the financial plan, thereby resulting in an inability to furnish information required under law.

The last financial statements the commission received was that from July 31, 2013.

Hanrahan said the village needs to look at the 2014 appropriations when making a new financial plan.

That new financial plan will once again need to be approved by the commission and village council.

The commission's next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 10 a.m. at the Newcomerstown Churches of Christ in Christian Union.