The Newcomerstown Bicentennial Committee is getting excited about the upcoming holidays. It won't be long until we are celebrating Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

And, in less than 50 days, it will be New Year's Eve and 2014 -- our Bicentennial year.

That's right, in 2014 Newcomerstown will officially be 200 years old.

Basically, it's possible that 200 years is the lifespan of two people just two (not likely, but possible). We reported on our web site ( that life was remarkably different 200 years ago.

George Washington had been deceased only 14 years and Abraham Lincoln was a little boy of five. We had been part of the Northwest Territory and our country had vast lands remaining to be explored. There were few cities and land was largely farmed.

Many of us had grandfathers who were farmers.

We have big plans for New Year's Eve as a kick-off to a year filled with events designed to remember our past and celebrate our great future as a community capable of great positive forward strides. And, we want you to be a part of that First Night Celebration!

This year, Newcomerstown is doing something on New Year's Eve that won't be done in any community in the area. We're having a fantastic fireworks display at midnight (and, off and on, a couple of hours prior to midnight).

In addition, we have lots of entertainment planned at several venues near the downtown area. Do you like music? How about beautiful organ music? Or, maybe a bell concert? Are you interested in seeing Native American dances? Would you like to see our local history brought to life in a presentation featuring the railroad and it's effect on our canals and the economy? The children will be entertained by a professional magician and a professional puppeteer. At the Union Hall, you will be able to play games and socialize. All venues will be warm and serve refreshments. The programs are designed so that you can go from show to show and see it all before the Big Fireworks Display at Midnight. We will have downtown transportation available. And, for your annual good-luck meal, we will be serving pork and sauerkraut in the evening at the Union Hall.