Computer Corner

West School students are working hard in the computer lab. Here's what's happening:

Second and third grade students are learning about online safety. They saw a YouTube video entitled "My Online Neighborhood" and discussed the importance of not using personal information online.

Miss Lefler's class has been learning about and using Kidpix software to draw pictures. They are discussing online safety this week, also.

Fourth and fifth grade students have school e-mail accounts and they are sending and receiving e-mails. They are also reviewing the online safety rules so they will use their e-mail accounts wisely and responsibly. All students in grades 2-5 continue keyboarding lessons each week in class.

Second grade news

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, the second grade teachers are thankful for all of our hard working students and supportive parents.

In Reading, we will be working on skills such as summarizing an expository text, identifying cause and effect relationships in fictional text and stating the author's purpose in both fiction and nonfiction texts.

Spelling and phonics will finish with long vowel digraphs/spelling patterns and continue with -r controlled vowels (er, ir, ur, ar, ear, eer, ere, or, oar, ore).

In Science, we will continue our study of weather and the atmosphere and discuss the effects both have on living and non living things.

Our focus in Math will continue with the study of different types of graphs such as tally graphs, picture graphs, bar graphs and line plots. We will finish the unit by problem solving using the information from the graphs.

Please read with your child every night or as much as possible. Also, continue to encourage your child to study basic addition and subtraction facts to 20 and count coins/money as well.

Please send pencils with your child. Most students are out of their "extra" supply of pencils.

Thanks to all parents who attended parent-teacher conferences. If you were unable to schedule or keep your conference, please feel free to call your child's teacher to set one up.

Third grade news

The third graders have been hard at work this month. In Math they have been working on multiplication and fractions. Keep practicing your facts each night! The students have also been working toward their AR goals for the nine weeks, keep it up we are almost halfway there. As the cold weather begins please be sure to wear your coats and bundle up for outside recess! Also as we approach Thanksgiving please check with your student to see if they need any supplies. Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the third grade teachers!

Fourth grade news

In science, they have just finished Earth's landforms. They are currently working on all things related to water and the students seem to be enjoying it. They will be starting on clouds in the following weeks.

In Ohio History, they are discussing the early people of Ohio. Students will be learning about the Mound Builders. Next week, they will create their own mounds in the classroom.

In math, the students are learning how to multiply by applying the different properties of multiplication. They will soon be applying what we have learned so far this year by completing a project where they will plan and calculate Thanksgiving dinner for some friends. Please help your child practice their multiplication facts each night until they are mastered.

Please make sure your child reads to you each evening and that you have signed their reading log.

Fifth grade news

We can hardly believe it's already November! Thank you to all of the families that attended parent-teacher conferences. We appreciate communicating with the families of our students, and find that having good relationships between home and school can only help your child in succeeding academically. If a conference was not requested for your child, and you would like to meet with our team, or an individual teacher, please feel free to contact the school.

Freak the Mighty has been the center of reading for the last few weeks. The fifth grade students have enjoyed reading this novel, and we hope you have heard about it at home. The greatest attribute of this book is not the immense number of content standards that we are able to cover, but instead the life lessons demonstrated in this book. We hope your child is able to close this book on its final page feeling the importance of friendship and compassion towards others.

In science, students have been working with plants. They have enhanced their learning of cells and structure, and are now moving on to the process of photosynthesis. Students have had the opportunity to work in a group-oriented environment while discussing photosynthesis, demonstrating the quality of learning from one another, and also the necessity of compromising with peers. When this has been completed, Mrs. Cabot will be moving onto ecology.

Mr. McClellan and Mrs. Hlad have been covering the various operations for numbers containing decimals. Adding and subtracting have been covered, as multiplication is the goal for now, with dividing up next. Your child may have discussed "zones" with you. During math, students are taught in a whole-group environment and then divided into two separate classrooms. This allows for students to be in a more comfortable learning environment with less students. This design also allows for them to receive more individual attention and help if necessary.

In history, Mrs. Hursey has completed her unit on South America. This provided the opportunity for students to learn about various landforms and climate, demonstrating how these two elements can impact an area or region. Mrs. Hursey will now be focusing on Native Americans. Students will learn about the different tribes that lived in the United States.

As a general reminder...students should be reading 20 minutes an evening throughout the school week and parents should expect to see math homework every evening from Monday-Thursday. Science vocabulary cards should be brought home every night in your child's binder, and social studies vocabulary words are available online at It's amazing what can happen with ten extra minutes of vocab study a night!