Winners from the 12 Days of Holiday Magic Raffle drawing are being announced.

They are as follows:

Dec. 9: Jim Harstine won dinners at Yellow Butterfly Winery.

Dec. 10: Rudy Glazer won $50 at Dick's Place.

Dec. 11: Josh Walters won $50 at April's Country Kitch'n.

Dec. 12: Gregg Shivers won $50 at Terry's Pizza Shoppe.

Dec. 13: Bonnie Affolter won $50 at Tilton's Custom Meats and $50 at TJ's Restaurant.

Dec. 14: Gary Marstrell won $100 at CA Watts.

Dec. 16: Debbie Lehman won $50 at China Star and $50 at Wendy's (Newcomerstown only).

Dec. 17: Chris Gibson won $50 at Marstrell Auto Parts and $50 at Subway (Newcomerstown only).

Dec. 18: Tabitha Weaver won $50 at Unusual Junction and $50 at Eureka-Orme Hardware.

Dec. 19: Rudy Glazer won $150 at Cy Young Lanes.

Dec. 20: Gloria Gusypt won $200 at Baker's IGA.

Dec. 21: Kay Braniger won $50 at Myer's TV, $50 at Smoker's Friendly Party Center, $50 at Jen-Dee's Floral & Gifts, $50 at Domino's Pizza (Newcomerstown only), Cy Young Days Festival basket of goodies, $100 at Medi-Wise Pharmacy, $50 at Damon's All American Pizza Pie, $50 at The Feed Barn, $100 at the Hampton Inn (over night stay) and $50 at D&D Merchandise.

The Cy Young Days Festival would like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket for the raffle.

The 2014 Cy Young Days Festival is set for June 27-29.