Dear Newcomerstown,

The Bicentennial Committee would like to thank everyone who attended the First Night Celebration. We are overwhelmed by your response to our invitation. Over 700 people attended the six venues and several thousand more braved the cold to enjoy the fireworks form their cars and homes. It was a great night for our community to kick-off our bicentennial!

Commendations go to St. Paul's Lutheran Church, First Baptist Church, Newcomerstown Historical Society, Laborer's Local 134, Newcomerstown Senior Center, and Newcomerstown Schools for providing facilities for each of the activities. We owe a special gratitude to the members of those organizations for supplying refreshments and assistance whenever it was needed. A multitude of volunteers helped plan and organize the events each location. Your help was a big part of what made the night work so well.

First Night would not have been complete without the awesome fireworks and we thank and recognize 31 Inc. for their outstanding contribution to make that display possible. What a great finish to a wonderful beginning our two hundredth birthday!!

Our committee is interested in your thoughts and ideas. Please respond to any or all of the following questions by emailing:

Or mail a response to NBC Box 11, Newcomerstown, OH 43832.

1. How did you hear about the evening's events?

2. Describe the part(s) of the evening you liked best.

3. What part(s) could be improved?

3. Should we offer a similar celebration in the future?

4. Describe your overall impression of our 200th birthday kick-off celebration.

5. Additional comments.

Thank you for your support. We hope to see you all again at our future community events!


The Newcomerstown Bicentennial Committee