At each of the six venues these people have win a copy of Newcomerstownopoly, a game that is being produced and should be in by Valentine's Day.

Old Main Street Museum -- Carol Bryant

Union Hall -- Nakia Sanders

Senior Center -- Corey Christmas

St. Paul's Lutheran Church -- Evelyn Hart

East School -- Dean Contrell

First Baptist Church -- Susan Fogle

There were two grand prizes. One was a Christmas tree of gifts -- Bicentennial Plate and four mugs, three Cat's Meows, Newcomerstownopoly Game, four Bicentennial logo shirts, a Bicentennial blanket, and a box of assorted chocolates. This was won by Ernest Cody who was visiting relatives in the area from Texas. They stopped in at IGA and were told about the celebration and decided to come and see.

The other grand prize, a $50 gift certificate to Baker's IGA was won by Nicolette and Tommy Ellis-Corle.