Students of the Month named for December

The NMS eighth grade team of teachers chose Brea Garretson as its December Student of the Month because she is a very conscientious student, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. She shows great leadership characteristics as president of her class, and vice president of the NMS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, in which she was inducted last year.

In addition to demonstrating her great work ethic in the classroom, Brea is also involved in many extracurricular activities such as volleyball, basketball, and track.

Brea is kind and considerate to everyone, and is a great role model.

Her dedication to always do her absolute best and her positive attitude make her a pleasure to have in the classroom!

Brea, daughter of Jason and Michelle Garreton, said her favorite classes this year are ELA and History, and that one of her strengths is ELA.

Some of her hobbies include volleyball, basketball, pole vaulting, playing with cats, and being with her friends, and she feels the best things about Newcomerstown Middle School are the great teachers and her friends.

Some fun facts about Brea are that she has multiple pets (8 cats - Bella, Kitty, Thunder, Lightning, Snow, Sky, Stratus, and Rain, and one dog - Blaze); her favorite meal is cheesy chicken with salad; the last movie she saw was "The Host;" her all-time favorite book is A Child Called "It;" she doesn't feel she can live without her friends, her parents and her grandparents; her worst fear is losing friends or family, death; and if she could be any animal, she would be a swan, because it is pretty and graceful, plus it can fly.

So far, Brea feels her greatest accomplishment has been doing well in school, and the best advice she's received came from her mom, who told her to "be a leader, not a follower." In the future, Brea hopes to be successful and able to support herself.

Jamie Fenwick, daughter of Mr. Jamie Fenwick, was nominated by the seventh grade team of teachers because she is an all-around good student, who cheerfully comes to class, wanting to do her work.

She always has her work done and participates daily in class. In addition, she willingly helps her classmates and teachers. Jamie's favorite class this year is ELA because she loves to read books, and in fact, in the future, she hopes to graduate college and become an English Language Arts teacher.

Jamie feels that one of her strengths is her ability to do well in school, and some of her hobbies include reading and playing board games.

If she were principal, Jamie would yell at kids who hit, punch, slap each other, and give them two days In School Suspension ... unless they have a witness.

Some fun facts about Jamie are that her favorite meal is pizza; the last movie she saw was "The Hunger Games:Catching Fire;" her all-time favorite book is The Outsiders; her favorite celebrity is Josh Hutcherson; she feels she could not live without her family, and if invisible, she would enjoy playing pranks on her dad. Jamie lists as her greatest achievement so far earning all A's on her mid-term report.

The best advice she's received came from her dad who told her, "Do the best you can in school."

Sixth grade student Cherokee Fenwick was selected by her teachers as their December Student of the Month because they feel she is very hard worker, who is determined to be successful. She is not afraid to ask questions in class, enjoys answering them as well, and is a very helpful young lady who also enjoys assisting others.

Cherokee, daughter of Mr. Jamie Fenwick, said her favorite class this year is History, because she likes learning where we came from.

Her hobbies and activities include taking care of her sisters, and she feels that one of her strengths is helping people.

If she were principal of our school, Cherokee would do exactly what Mr. Peoples is doing now. Some fun facts about Cherokee are that her favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner; the last movie she saw was "Jingle All The Way;" her all-time favorite books are the Harry Potter series; her worst fear is seeing a rattlesnake; she doesn't feel she could live without her family; and if invisible, she would spy on her sister. Cherokee feels her greatest achievement has been getting straight "A's," and the best advice she's received came from her dad, who told her to "keep it up" (her good grades). In the future, Cherokee hopes to help children who are starving.

Character education program planned

Beginning in January, Newcomerstown Middle School will host a character education program called Global Priority Anti-Virus Principles and Values with all the seventh graders.

Anti-Virus is a 10-week program that will be taught once a week during social studies class. An Anti-Virus Mentor will lead the discussions along with a district teacher in the classroom.

The program focuses on helping students become a positive influence by practicing good character on a daily basis.

The seven character principles that will be covered include ambition, responsibility, hard work, emotions, restraint, common sense and generosity.

Every session, the students will discuss these principles, learn to practice them, and be challenged to change the world around them.

They will receive a student workbook, and a family guide will be available to parents if they would like to participate in the program. This program is free to the school and is supported by Leaders Edge, a group of caring business, community, and local individuals.

Mobile Dentist coming to middle school

The Mobile Dentist will be available to students at Newcomerstown Middle School on Feb. 27. Enrollment forms will be distributed the week of Jan. 20.

Complete these forms and return them to the Middle School by Jan. 31. If you have any questions, call the middle school at 498-8151.

If you do not have insurance and are unable to pay the examination fee-- indicate that on the form so a second form can be completed so that your child's examination will be covered free of charge.