West Winter Fest

Wednesday, Jan. 15, students who earned their second nine weeks AR goals attended the West Winter Fest in the afternoon.Students visited three stations. In the gym, the kids were excited to dance along with Just Dance Kids 2014 projected on the large screen. In the cafeteria, students worked on bookmark scratch art and enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate. In the library, the kids had fun with penguin pin bowling using a styrofoam "snowball" to knock penguins down.

Third Nine Weeks AR Activity announced

Our third nine weeks activity is set. On the Wednesday following the end of the nine weeks, we will have our annual Read and Relax for the next AR activity. We will be doing a "Read at the Beach" theme this year. Students who meet their third nine weeks AR goals will be able to bring a beach towel that day to read and relax the last hour of the day. Students will be mixed up throughout the building and given a snack and drink to enjoy.

Students, make sure you earn your goal! Parents, remember you can keep track of how your student is doing by logging into AR Home Connect from our school's web site.

AR Home Connect

Students and parents may check AR progress by logging in to AR Home connect and using the student's AR username and password. Just go to the school district's web site, click on the library tab, and choose AR Home Connect in the left column.

Super Seconds

The second graders worked hard the second nine weeks and most met their goals and were able to enjoy the celebration on Wednesday, Jan. 15. They had fun dancing, bowling and enjoying the hot chocolate! They are now working on their new goals for the third nine weeks. Teachers have showed all the kids their new reading range, based on the STAR reading tests, and their new goal for points. Students must meet goals in all three areas: points, accuracy, and reading in their level. With the cold winter evenings, take time to enjoy your child. Snuggle up and read with them. It is always more fun when you do it together. Take time to ask questions, look at the pictures, and help them make connections with experiences you have had.

In Math, we are learning how to measure, inches, centimeters and even non-standard measurements -- using paperclips, or even a friend! Good questions to share at home, or while on the road, are what would be better to measure how far to grandma's: inches, feet or miles? Would you use a ruler or a measuring cup to measure sugar for our cookies? Be creative, be silly, but most of all take time to make it fun. They grow up all too fast.

With the new year, it is also a good time to restock school supplies, tissues for the classroom, pencils, erasers, all seem to disappear. Ask your child what they need to bring in to the classroom.

Third grade news

Third grade students are back to a great start since returning from Christmas break. We wish to thank you for helping to make our holiday parties special by providing delicious snacks. Some of you were even able to join us and help out with crafts and serving snacks. We truly appreciate all you do to support our students.

There will be a meeting for any parents who would like more information on the third grade Reading Guarantee. The meeting will be held in the West School library on Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 6 p.m. This meeting can also help address any questions you may have about your child's fall OAA test score. Please encourage your child to read EVERY day.

Students need to continue practicing their multiplication facts. Soon they will be begin solving division problems. Please encourage your child to practice their multiplication facts at home.

Fourth grade news

Math: This month students are continuing to learn their multiplication facts. We need you to help quiz them with their facts every night. We take a quick 8 question multiplication test on Thursday of each week. The students also take a 36 question mixed multiplication test every Friday. We have been working on 2-digit times 2-digit multiplication with both standard algorithm, they way most people learned, and area model, which your children should be able to teach you. Our test over this information was Thursday, January 16. We are heading to a week of area and perimeter which the students always seem to confuse. After these two topics we will be heading into fractions.

Ohio History: Students are learning about the historic Native Americans that lived in Ohio in the early 1700s. Students will be conducting research on one of the six tribes that lived in Ohio. We will share our presentations with the class. As a culmination, we will have a Native American Day. We will dress like Indians, eat food and play games.

Reading: We have been covering context clues and drawing conclusions in reading. In language we are discussing singular and plural nouns. Remember, look for a spelling list every other week! Our students are struggling with meeting their AR goals. They should be reading every night for 20 minutes to help them reach their goal for this nine weeks!

Science: This month in science we are learning about the major biomes found around the world. This will roll over into the invasive species that cause damage to environments of the United States. Quiz your child on some the invasive species that can be found in the Great Lakes and Everglades. Our testing for invasive species will be during the week of Jan. 20.

Fifth grade news

The fifth grade has been working on a Trojan Store to raise money for two charities; Journey's End and Akron Children's Hospital. We have a Jug outside the

Fifth grade has been working on a Trojan Store to raise money for two charities; Journey's End and Akron Children's Hospital. We have a Jug outside the West School office that students from the beginning of the year were trying to fill for Akron, but it fizzled out. So the team decided to help with this fundraiser also. These young entrepreneurs are selling "made" items during lunchtimes for second through fifth grade students on the last two Wednesdays of each month, starting Jan. 22 and 27. Students above are modeling some of the sample items to be sold in the store; Trojan bracelets, Duct Tape hair bows and Duct Tape Trojan bookmarks. They had some great donations to startup this store and many have used their own materials to create the store items.

They have recruited other students to help with the production of their sale items, during recess. Prices range from .25 to $3.

Thank you for your support of the Trojan Store!

Dental care visit

Dental care remains the greatest un-met health need among U.S. children. Over 50 percent of children have a cavity, which can cause pain leading to missed school. The in-school dentist will be at our school on Feb. 27.

Enrollment forms were sent home the week of Jan. 6. To take advantage of this convenient opportunity and have your child seen by the dentist at school, fill out and sign the enrollment form and return it to the school with your child.

If you have not received a form, contact me at the West School (498-4151) so I can be sure and have one sent home with your child.

If you do not have medical insurance, there is a form in which you may complete so that your child's examination is covered free of charge. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Together, we can keep our children healthy, in school and learning.

Thank you,

Abby Collins, RN, Newcomerstown Schools

Music notes

It was a very Merry Christmas!

All students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade entertained us during the final weeks of 2013 with the joyous sounds of Christmas. The students performed with maturity and grace. Kindergarten songs contained a bit of movement while 1st grade performed a mixture of both serious and funny tunes. The second grade entertained us with a few classic Christmas carols while the third grade appealed to our lighter side. The fourth grade lightened their serious selections with a few fun and simple tunes while the fifth grade sang a wide variety of music. Let's not forget the fifth grade choir with their surprise of flying marshmallows and all of the students who performed solos to really get us into the spirit of Christmas. Have a wonderful 2014!

Computer Corner

Mrs. Marca Porter, East/West Computer teacher

Featured web site: kids.nationalgeographic.com

Learn about animals, watch videos and play games.

Students at West School love technology! Here is what we are working on:

Second grade -- We are making animal habitats using the Kidpix 3 Studio software.

Third and fourth grades -- The students are making multi-media presentations of ocean animals.

Fifth grade -- The fifth grade students are making a slideshow with sounds and transitions about the countries of the world, the capital city, the flag, the language spoken, currency, etc.

Miss Lefler's Class -- The students are using Bailey's Book House Letter Machine to find letters of the alphabet.

News from Mrs. Peoples

We are officially half way through the school year! Students will be bringing home their report cards from the second nine weeks on Friday, Jan. 17.

I am planning a parent meeting for Wednesday, Jan. 29 for any parent who has questions or would like more information on the third grade reading guarantee. Parents of second and third graders are welcome to attend the meeting as this law applies to third graders this year and students who will be in third grade next year. The meeting will be held in the West School library at 6 p.m. You can also go to this web site for more information: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Early-Learning/Third-Grade-Reading-Guarantee/Third-Grade-Reading-Guarantee-Family-Resources

With many days of winter still ahead of us, the possibility of more snow days, two-hour delays and early releases definitely exists. Please be aware that if your cell phone has a ring back tone that plays while calls are being received, our automated call system thinks the phone is being answered and starts playing the message. Unfortunately, if you are not receiving our messages, this is the reason.

We are planning a grandparent/senior citizen luncheon for Valentine's Day. Senior citizens in the community and grandparents of West School students are invited to join us for lunch on Friday, Feb. 14. We will be having spaghetti, bread and dessert. Cost will be $3. Students will be bringing home forms to make reservations or you can call the office at 498-4151 to RSVP.