The eighth grade team of teachers at Newcomerstown Middle School has developed a reward incentive program this year to use with their eighth grade students entitled the "Dew the Right Thing" awards. The teachers have collaborated with the Pepsi Company in this effort, and the Pepsi Company has provided us with many incentives to use to reward our students. Ways that students can earn these rewards are to come to school on time, come to class on time, come to class prepared, complete all homework, and be detention free. Each week, students have been receiving small rewards for "Dewing the Right Thing" all week. At the end of each nine-week grading period, the students who manage to receive this reward every week of the grading period will have their names entered into a drawing for a larger prize, which has been provided by the Pepsi Company. At the end of the second nine-week grading period, they had four students who were successful in getting their names entered into that drawing. Each of these students received a Mountain Dew beanie. They are pictured below wearing their new hats. Those students are, l to r, front row, Brionna Watson and Kayla Gibson; and back row, Brea Garretson and Brody Lehman. Then, one of those four names was drawn for the grand prize. That student was Brody Lehman, so he was also awarded with a hoodie provided by the Pepsi Company, which has the Mountain Dew insignia on it along with "The Call of Duty" on the front. We would like to congratulate all students who have been working hard to "Dew the Right Thing" while at school, and we would like to encourage those who did not receive these awards during the second nine-week grading period to strive to be eligible during the third nine-week grading period. Also, a special thank you to the Pepsi Company for providing us with these incentives for our students.