Gregg Shivers will once again remain the president of the Newcomerstown Board of Public Affairs.

He was re-elected to the post at last Tuesday's organizational meeting of the year.

Board member Al Miskimen will serve as vice president.

The board also includes Mike Hartline.

In other business, the board set the meeting dates as the second Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. in the blue room (garage) at the water department.

During the board's regular meeting that followed, they discussed the recent fire at the wastewater treatment plant.

The board and Utilities Superintendent Ken Schweitzer credited the efforts of employee Bobby Dotson for coming to work early on Sunday, Dec. 29 so that he could see the entire plant's electrical system was shut down from the fire in blower no. 4. The fire had melted the wires and caused the emergency lines to shut off the back-up generator which cut off the electricity to the entire plant. The plant was not operational for approximately five hours, Schweitzer said.

After estimates from manufacturers were obtained, a $50,000 check from the insurance company will be given to the village to make repairs and get new equipment from the loss.

"We're fortunate it was only that," Shivers said.

"The building (that surrounds the blower) really did what it was suppose to do -- put the fire out," Miskimen said.

Because of the fire, Schweitzer has purchased an infrared gun sensor to check the temperatures of the blower motors. Those numbers will be written down in the preventative maintenance logs that are kept on each piece of equipment at the plant.

"We don't want another fire," Schweitzer said.

The board also said that residents on Chapman Avenue should now have water since the water line was completed.

Also, it was announced that so far in January, there have been five water leaks so far in the village.

The board will meet again Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 9 a.m. in the blue room at the water department.