The History Channel mini series season 2 holds some significance for the Dakin family of Newcomerstown, Nova Scotia Canada and Derbyshire, England.

Harley Dakin, a local genealogist, began his search almost 30 years ago for his roots, never thinking it would lead back to the Vikings.

The early research of Dakin found limited records and after some time of hitting brick walls, he decided to use a new technique to find his ancestors. In 2000, he had his Y-Dna analyzed and to his surprise, the results indicated he carried genetic markers prevalent in people of Viking ascendancy.

The Vikings were made up of people from many countries including Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

A test called Deep Subclades was made on Dakin's DNA to further refine his origin indicating he came from Norway. After sharing this with others of the same surname "Dakin" researchers in England and Nova Scotia, Canada, came back with shared history and Y-Dna.

Dakin was able to track his lineage from the US back to England and then to Normandy.

Normandy is located today in France but in early times, the Viking King Rolo (various spellings) ruled the kingdom and the French stayed far away from the Vikings.

Unlike many conquerors, the Vikings seemed to assimilate into the society the conquered.

The Normans were not much different and in 1066 the grandson of Rolo William crossed the English channel to claim the English throne after defeating Anglo Saxon King Harold II. While many aspects of the Viking mini series is fictional, much is based on historical writings. The Dakin ancestor that came from Normandy to England made the crossing with William and as of today, the male ancestor with descendants in much of England, Canada and here in the US have not been identified by his first name, only by his Y-Dna.