"We want our customers to be in better health," Medi-Wise Pharmacy owner Jeff Neidig said.

That statement has taken over the pharmacy's entire philosophy of doing business.

With last fall's acquisition of Shrivers Pharmacy's pharmacy files, the pharmacy has doubled its prescriptions. Along those same lines, they have taken steps to improve customer service and wait time for prescriptions, and add programs to improve health.

Neidig said customers had long waits for prescriptions last fall and he wants to welcome back any customers that may have changed pharmacies during the transitional period.

"Give us another chance," he said. "Come back and see what you're next experience will be like."

Six new employees have been added to the staff, as well as another full-time pharmacist.

An expanded check out area was added to their convenient drive-up window service to provide a faster, more efficient check-out.

Neidig said over the next few weeks that the store will have a re-set/re-model and the pharmacy waiting area will also be expanded again. New product suppliers will be featured in the store, as well as becoming a drop off location for UPS packages.

In terms of their better health initiative, the pharmacy is kicking off it's Medication Adherence Program, known as R.U.N. Sync (pronounced Are You In Sync). Neidig said it synchronizes a patient's medications to refill on one date per month. It also provides a current list of medications for the patient and sends a copy of the list to the patient's doctor. This will help coordinate medication therapy.

"This is over and above auto re-fill," Neidig said. Many times when patients go into or out of a health care facility, their medications become confusing to organize; the R.U.N. Sync program will also help sort through all those medications when your health status changes.

Prior to the R.U.N. Sync refill, someone from Medi-Wise will call the patient to check to see which medications were being taken or what medicines were not tolerated. This is a free service to current and new customers.

A Mobile RX app has been added as a way for customer's to refill prescriptions by just scanning the side of the pill bottle. Download the mobileRX app from any mobile app store and enter Medi-Wise's phone number (498-6337) to get connected.

Meanwhile, a focus on free community health screenings and health information is also part of the offerings from the home medical department at Medi-Wise. They continue to offer free monthly health checks on the second Wednesday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon. At the health check, you can get your blood pressure taken, a blood glucose measurement and a total cholesterol value.

Beltone is partnering with Medi-Wise to offer a specialized clinic to check for hearing problems and ear cleanings on the last Wednesday of every other month in the Medi-Wise clinic. Appointments may be made by calling the pharmacy.

The Mammovan and free PAP tests will also be returning to the pharmacy this spring on April 30 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those interested should contact Trinity Breast and Cervical at 800-921-5151.

These services, along with post surgical mastectomy garments, bras and breast forms, medical and fashion wigs, designer fashion headwear (hats and scarves) and skin care products (that targets effects of chemotherapy and radiation), are offered at the pharmacy's Be Well Center and Boutique.

They have private fitting rooms for customer's privacy.

New this year has been the addition of Russell Stover and Whitman's chocolates and candies. Neidig said these popular candies sold out at Valentine's and they will be getting more varieties for Easter soon.

The photo kiosk machine is new, Neidig said. He said photos can be uploaded to image2prints.com and then sent to the pharmacy's machine to be printed. You can also print your facebook pictures directly from the kiosk.

Medi-Wise Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

They may be reached at 498-6337. Be sure to check out their monthly circular, as well as special web only coupons at www.mediwisepharmacy.com. You can even "like" Medi-Wise Pharmacy on Facebook.