Local citizens once again banded together to support the "Save Our Pool, Newcomerstown" project that is being led by Pat Cadle, Ken Hacker and Greg Bowman.

The group met this past Monday (March 10) to discuss and share their ideas to potentially raise money to help Newcomerstown open the Cy Young swimming pool this year.

At this time, village council has not made any decision to rescind their earlier plan of not re-opening the swimming pool this year due to the village's current fiscal emergency status.

Some of the fund-raising ideas that were presented by various citizens were: Increase the price of daily tickets or seasonal passes, sell 50-50 raffle tickets, hold bake sale, flea market, silent auction, hold basketball, baseball, volleyball, and poker tourna

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rent fence space (around the pool area) to local businesses, sell T-shirts that lists "Save Our Pool, Newcomerstown," and all the donor's names. Other ideas involved holding a 5K run, have an outdoor family movie night at the park, have the Cy Young Festival early and hold it at the park (charging admission and renting spaces to the vendors) and doing toll roads at street intersections. Other suggestions were for the Newcomerstown High School alumni to donate money from each high school class.

Citizens Jeff and Nancy Orr suggested a significant music event to be held in Newcomerstown to raise the necessary funds. Another citizen Pat Loader said her church group held Avon parties and were able to raise $500 with just one party.

Cadle informed the group that he would need to check on food license for vending and other requirements of the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

He stated, "I am very pleased with the turn-out we had this evening. We have two months before the pool would typically re-open, so we have to get these ideas decided on, and get our plan of action in place. I think we have the right people to get this moving forward."

The group later decided to meet again to review and sort out the ideas, and decide on which events they can start appointing teams for. The next meeting will take place at the West Elementary School on Tuesday, March 18 at 6 p.m.

Following the initial "Save our Pool, Newcomerstown" (SOPN) community meeting, the village council finance committee (Heather Stein-Wells, Earl McCormick and Jim Trzop) met informally to listen to the ideas, plan from the SOPN group regarding raising funds for the necessary repairs, and maintenance, as well as getting the funding to help Newcomerstown resolve the $17,000 deficit in the cemetery fund.

Finance Committee Chairperson Stein-Wells said, "As we earlier agreed, we are here to at least listen to your suggestions concerning the pool, but we have to stand firm on the intention of getting the village deficit resolved, and as quickly as possible."

Finance committee members McCormick and Trzop agreed.

McCormick said, "We need the final budget (for the village) assured first, we don't know exactly what we have to work with yet."

Chairperson Stein-Wells reported an upcoming meeting is being planned on Tuesday for fiscal officer, and Mayor Jim Friel to review the current funds.

Trzop suggested that the "Save Our Pool, Newcomerstown" team leaders complete a budget for the pool that would include the total costs for repair, maintenance, as well as operating expenses for the year, then bring information to the next regular council session for consideration. The other financial committee members agreed.

Cadle, Bowman and Hacker agreed, and stated their plan is to first meet with park board member Steve Lower to get complete list of the items that were earlier reported by Lower. Those items were reported by Lower at a previous council session, and consisted of approximately 34 items/concerns that must be repaired/replaced, and maintained before this year's pool season could even begin.

Council's next meeting is set for March 17 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center, Newcomerstown.