"We're more profitable now than we have been in recent years," said Chad Merkel, vice president of operations at Kurz-Kasch in Newcomerstown.

He, along with his management team, wanted to squelch any rumors of the Newcomerstown Kurz-Kasch facility closing.

"We're still open and plan to remain open," he said. "We're always looking at new opportunities for the business."

That business has been a part of the Newcomerstown streetscape since 1960. Merkel said there have been no lay-offs at the Newcomerstown plant in the past year.

They currently employ 120 employees that operate the 24-hour, five-day a week facility.

Founded in 1916 in Dayton, Kurz-Kasch is a specialty manufacturer and technology company that has established itself as a leading manufacturer of highly engineered electromagnetic and engineered composite components.

Kurz-Kasch is a leading manufacturer of: Conventional and encapsulated coils and stators, engineered composite components and subassemblies, magnetic/electrical/electronic sensing devices, and high performance solenoids.

These devices are used in a variety of industries including: Appliance, automotive, HVAC, and valve actuation.

In 2013, Merkel said, they did "weed out the customer base" and decide what products/areas were more profitable.

He said it was a financial decision that made the company stronger and more financially sound. 

Each year, Kurz-Kasch in Newcomerstown produces more than 2 million coils, approximately 80 percent of that is exported to Brazil and Europe.