DOVER -- Elbow pain has been given friendly names like Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow. But anyone who has ever suffered from elbow pain knows it is far from friendly. In addition to golfers and tennis players, everyday activities at work or at home that cause repeated flexing or twisting of the arm can result in elbow pain. A new orthopaedic procedure recently introduced at Union Hospital offers a new treatment option for those suffering from elbow pain.

"I dealt with elbow pain for years, probably caused by my many outdoor activities," said Chris Slemmer of Dover. "But since I had this new procedure four months ago, my elbow pain is 95 percent gone. It feels great!"

The new procedure Slemmer refers to is known as Tenex Health TX, introduced to the area by Matthew Noyes, M.D., the newest orthopaedic surgeon on staff at Union Hospital. The Tenex Health TX treatment for elbow pain utilizes newly developed technology to safely and quickly remove diseased elbow tendon tissue, the cause of most tendon-related pain. The procedure was developed and perfected by Bernard Morrey, M.D., Professor of Orthopaedics at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

During his Fellowship training in shoulder and elbow surgery in 2013, Dr. Noyes gained extensive experience working with Dr. Morrey and performed dozens of these procedures under his supervision.

Instead of general anesthesia, the Tenex Health TX procedure is done under local anesthetic. Dr. Noyes uses ultrasound imaging to view the treatment area while he applies the ultrasonic TX MicroTip to precisely remove the damaged area of the tendon that is generating the pain. The surrounding healthy tissue is left undisturbed during treatment and restoration of healthy tissue occurs.

Noyes said the entire procedure takes 20 minutes or less. Patients are awake throughout and can go home shortly afterward. A small adhesive bandage is used to cover the micro-incision. Most patients report almost immediate pain relief, recover rapidly, and can return to normal activity levels after six weeks.

After having several orthopaedic surgeries previously in her life, Slemmer says this was a totally new experience.

"I drove myself to Union Hospital, had the Tenex procedure, and about 45 minutes later drove myself home," Slemmer noted. "As Dr. Noyes advised me, there was some minor discomfort and swelling at first, but now my elbow feels great."

Slemmer added that she appreciated having this state-of-the-art orthopaedic treatment available locally at Union Hospital in Dover, "so I didn't have to leave the area as I have in the past."

To discuss treatment options and whether or not you may be a candidate for the Tenex Health TX procedure Dr. Noyes may be contacted at East Ohio Orthopaedics (formerly Dover Orthopaedics). The new office location is in the Heritage Square Plaza in Dover. The office phone number is 330-343-3335.