Students of the Month named

Congratulations to Newcomerstown Middle School students Hunter Garretson, Silas Bassett and Austin McMullen for being selected as our March Students of the Month!

The sixth grade team has numerous comments to share regarding their star student, Hunter Garretson. He is an excellent role model for his sixth grade classmates, as well as the entire NMS student body. He enters the middle school with a positive attitude and a smile on his face daily.

Hunter is very attentive, a great listener, and he puts forth effort in all his classes, utilizing his time wisely throughout the day. In addition, Hunter is very inquisitive and eager for extra, more challenging assignments.

His teachers are very proud of him, appreciate all of his hard work and dedication, and they encourage him to keep up the excellent work! Hunter, son of Trevor and Beth Garretson, lists band as his favorite class this year because he gets to play his trumpet, which he greatly enjoys, and he feels band is one of the best things about NMS. In addition, Hunter says his band instructor, Mr. Hillwig, is the person from whom he has received the best piece advice so far..."I would rather you play a wrong note courageously than a right note timidly." Some of Hunter's hobbies and extracurricular activities include running, biking, playing basketball, and juggling. Some fun facts about Hunter are that he has 3 pets - a dog named Daisy, and 2 cats named Holly and Violet; his favorite meal is ribs; the last movie he watched was "Frozen"; his all-time favorite book is The Hunger Games; he feels his strengths are cycling, running, and math; he doesn't feel he could live without his family and friends; and if he were invisible, he would jump on the back of a deer. So far, Hunter lists his greatest accomplishment as finishing 1st Place in his age group in a 20K race last September. In the future, Hunter hopes to attend college to become a mechanical engineer.

Silas Bassett, seventh grade son of Jared and Lori Bassett, has been nominated by his teachers as their March Student of the Month for many reasons. For starters, he participates well in class, with his hand usually in the air to volunteer an answer, read aloud, or use the Smartboard.

In addition, Silas has a positive outlook on life, works well with others, and always displays a good, strong work ethic. His teachers truly enjoy having him in their classes. Science is Silas' favorite class this year at NMS because he thinks it's fun, and if he were principal, he would make knockout time longer at lunch and let students play on their phones whenever they wanted. For fun, Silas enjoys riding dirt bikes, playing in the band, participating in 4-H, and hanging out with his friends. Some interesting facts about Silas are that he has 4 pets, including 3 dogs (Scruffy, Annie and Little Anne), and one cat, Reesie; his favorite meal is BBQ chicken wings; the last movie he saw was "Nitro Circus: The Movie"; he feels some of his strengths are sports, band, and video games; he all-time favorite book is Hardy Boys: Motocross Mystery; his favorite celebrity is James Stewart; he doesn't feel he could live without his family; and if he were invisible, he would be able to do anything he wanted....without getting caught! So far, he feels his greatest achievement has been placing first in a dirt bike race, and the best piece of advice he's received came from his Mom, who told him, "Winning is fus, but losing builds character." In the future, Silas aspires to become a professional motocross racer.

Eighth grade student Austin McMullen was selected as Student of the Month by his teachers because they say he greets every task throughout the day with a smile and an excellent attitude. They look forward to having him in class each day as his positive attitude is a wonderful contribution. He is always on task, willing to participate, and adds deep thought and insight to classroom discussions.

He is active in extra-curricular activities as well, and shows kindness to all of his peers. Austin's teachers congratulate him, and encourage him to keep up the good work! Austin, son of John and Kristi McMullen, lists history as his favorite class this year @ NMS because he is very knowledgeable about American History, and does very well in that subject. As some of his academic strengths, Austin lists history, math and science, and as his greatest accomplishment so far in life, he lists shooting his first buck three years ago. Some of his hobbies and extracurricular activities include hunting, fishing, trapping, and wrestling, and he thinks the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is that the students get to do many fund-raisers.

The best advice Austin has received so far came from his dad who told him, "Don't spend your money. Save every penny." Some fun facts about Austin is that he has several pets - Sadie, Korie, Rex, Cali, Monkey, Snowball, Brea, and Bella; his favorite meal is homemade pizza; the last movie he saw was "Grown Ups 2"; his all-time favorite book is Si-Cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle; he says he could not live without his family; his favorite celebrities are T-Bone, and big game hunters Nick Mundt and Michael Wardell; his worst fear is bears; and if invisible, Austin would hunt all the deer he possibly could. In the future, Austin hopes to become a professional hunter.