Notes from the Principal, Mrs. Peoples

March is flying by and the fourth nine weeks officially begins on March 24! Hopefully, warmer weather is around the corner.

A big thank you goes out to the FEA (Future Educators of America) Club at Newcomerstown High School and Mrs. Bowers for planning a Family Fun Night for East and West School students. Thanks also to the West School staff that volunteered to help supervise. It was a great time!

Miss Lefler's students are excited to be participating in the Coshocton Kiwanis Special Olympics Track & Field day on March 20 at Kid's America in Coshocton. Good luck kids!

Miss Lefler is also organizing a homework club for students to stay after school and get help with their homework. This will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Rotary Club of Newcomerstown is helping with this project.

Mr. Collins and Mrs. Schilling are planning a Family Science Night at West School for fourth and fifth grade students. It will be Thursday, March 20 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at West School.

Next month brings with it the OAAs (Ohio Achievement Assessments). Teachers and students have been working hard all year to prepare for these tests. They will be given starting the week of April 28.

The testing schedule is:

Grade 3 Reading: Tuesday, April 29, Grade 3 Math: Wednesday, April 30.

Grade 4 Reading: Tuesday, April 29, Grade 4 Math: Wednesday, April 30.

Grade 5 Reading: Thursday, May 1, Grade 5 Math: Tuesday, May 6, Grade 5 Science: Thursday, May 8.

You can help by making sure your child gets an adequate night's sleep and a good breakfast. Remember breakfast is free for all students here at school. You can also encourage your student to do the best they can. That's all we expect.

West Book Fair

The Scholastic book fair is coming to West School Monday, April 7 through Friday, April 11. Students will be able to shop during their library time that week along with Muffins With Mom Tuesday through Thursday morning and Spring With the Arts Thursday, April 10 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

A Classroom Wish List board will be displayed again this year at the book fair, if you would like to donate books to a teacher's classroom collection. Teachers are excited to expand their classroom collection and students love reading new books. What gift would be greater than the gift of reading!

To view our book fair web site, go to

Third Nine Weeks AR Activity

Our third nine weeks AR Activity will be on Wednesday, March 26 for students who reach their goals. We will have our annual Read and Relax activity, but with a "Read at the Beach" theme this year. Students who meet their third nine weeks AR goals by Friday, March 21, will be able to bring a beach towel that day to read and relax the last hour of the day. Students will be given a snack and drink to enjoy.

Students, make sure you earn your goal! Parents, remember you can keep track of how your student is doing by logging into AR Home Connect from our school's web site.

Second grade news

Second graders were so excited for the preview of spring weather. Some have enjoyed inside recess, but most are ready to run outside! The next few months of school will be very busy. Please check again with your child to make sure he or she has plenty of pencils, erasers, and crayons. Students will be taking the STAR reading and math tests again and getting a new AR goal for the fourth nine weeks. We are all hoping to reach our building goal of 16,000 point so that we can have a big celebration at the end of the year. In reading, please continue to read the homework assignments with your child. Ask them questions about the story while you read and after reading. Ask them about characters and setting, and have them retell the story to you when they finish reading. In math, we are working on telling time to five minutes and starting on place value to the hundreds place. Students will write numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form. In science and social studies, we are working on how forces change the motion of an object and time lines. Look for information about our class field trip to come home in April!

Does anybody have Spring fever? Spring is here and I know that the 3rd grade classes at West School are beyond excited. Not only do we have Spring Fever, but more importantly OAA Fever! Our students have been working very hard preparing for the OAA test and are ready shine as bright as the sun . The Reading OAA will be given on Tuesday, April 29 and the Math on Wednesday, April 30th. It is important to remember to make sure that your child gets a good nights rest and eats a complete breakfast.

Third grade news

With the weather finally changing and old man winter being put to rest we want to make sure that we continue to work hard each and every day. Please continue to work on multiplication facts at home and it is extremely important that your child reads each and every night.

Some additional important events and dates for the rest of March include the following.

* Friday, March 14 - Family Fun Night from 5 to 7 p.m. at West School

* Friday, March 21 - End of 3rd Nine Weeks

* Wednesday, March 26 - AR Read and Relax

* Monday, March 31 - 3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards will be sent home

Thanks again for all you do! Let that Spring and OAA Fever shine and have a great end to the month of March.

Fourth grade news

In science, we just finished our unit on metric length and conversions. We are starting on standard length units of measure and their conversions. There will be sheets coming home for practice. After the completion of length we will begin on standard and metric mass.

In reading, we just finished up theme, the lesson or message learned from a story. We are getting ready to discuss character, setting, and plot of a story. In grammar we have been writing complete sentences. Next, we are reviewing what a verb and action verb are. For spelling, remember we only have words every other week. Keep checking your child's homework folder. This is where I tell the students to put them.

In math, the students have been learning about fractions. Your student should be able to find equivalent fractions, compare and order fractions. We also will be converting fractions to decimals. Be on the lookout for packets of OAA-type questions coming home. Have your child try these questions on their own. Then if they need help they can ask. It's important that they try to analyze the answers and eliminate choices so they can choose the answer that makes the most sense.

In Ohio History, students have begun Unit 2 on the Ohio Territory. We have learned about explorers coming to the Ohio Country and are now discussing how claims made by the French and English are going to become a problem. This "fight" over the Ohio Country will result in the French and Indian War. Eventually, troubles will continue as colonists are upset with certain terms made by King George III. The trouble will "brew" into the American Revolution. Students will enjoy acting out battles, performing in a play about The Boston Massacre and having their own tea party.