The Newcomerstown Rotary has had three projects in three weeks.

It began with the second community document shredding event on April 27. Together with Go Shred secure document destruction, 3,000 pounds of paper was shredded. According to Go Shred that means 26 trees, 56 gallons of oil, 1050 gallons of water, 7,200 Kilowatt Hours of energy, and 150 cubic yards of landfill space were saved.

The next document shredding event will be Saturday, April 25, 2015, the last Saturday of the month. The club plans to make the shredding an annual event.

The next Saturday, May 3, together with scouts and leaders of BSA Troop 424, members of the club spread 10 years of mulch and did general landscaping clean up at the Newcomerstown Library and the Temperance Tavern. The Rotary club donated the mulch.

Finally, the club meets Monday, May 12 at Cy Young Park to replace the seats on a set of bleachers at the basketball court. Nine 16-foot 2-by-10s will be installed on the steel bleacher frames. Plans are to paint the boards after they weather for the summer. Newcomerstown Village Council approved the project and accepted the donated materials at a recent meeting.

The Newcomerstown Rotary is pleased to serve the community.

The club is applying for a grant for several larger projects in the community.