Amanda Grewell, daughter of Vince and Shannon Grewell, was selected as the Newcomerstown Middle School seventh grade April Student of the Month by her teachers for several reasons.

She leads by example as she displays appropriate behavior in class each and every day. She works well with others and always has her work done. She demonstrates responsibility by making sure to check with her teachers for any work she may have missed due to an absence. Her teachers definitely enjoy having such a great student in class, who always comes prepared and prepared to learn.

Amanda lists science as her favorite class this year because the students get to do experiments, and if she were principal, she would allow students to use their cell phones when they have free time. Extracurricular activities and hobbies that Amanda enjoys are playing volleyball, dancing and riding four-wheelers. Some fun facts about Amanda include that she has two pets -- a dog named Doodles, and a hamster named Pumpkin; her favorite meal is ravioli; the last movie she saw was "Frozen;" her all time favorite book is Babysitting Is a Dangerous Job; her favorite celebrity is Pink; she doesn't feel she could live without her friends; believes that one of her strengths is volleyball; and if she were invisible, she would drive a car before the legal age. Amanda thinks her greatest achievement to date has been getting all the way up on pointe (in dance), and the best advice she's received thus far came from her dance teacher who said, "If it doesn't hurt, you're not trying hard enough."

In the future, Amanda hopes to get her braces off and have straight teeth.