"She gives people something -- (you are) inspired, touched, encouraged by her but she can also be a diva," said Richelle Lefler about her daughter, Chelsea Gardner.

Gardner, who was born with Down Syndrome, took the voting for the Newcomerstown High School Prom queen to a whole new level.

With the help of social media and encouragement from her group of "best" friends, Gardner was crowned this year's Prom queen.

Her best friend Kirsti Buss helped Gardner gain the title by taking to Twitter and Facebook by asking for the student body's vote in making Gardner Prom queen.

And it worked.

"I was just touched that they thought of her," Lefler said. "People love Chelsea but other people want to be Prom queen too."

Since Gardner was crowned, her crown hasn't come off but for sleep and for her senior trip to Cedar Point.

One high school teacher joked with Gardner and said no wearing hats in the school. And she quickly came back with "this is a crown, not a hat."

C&E Stones of Newcomerstown even made Gardner her own rhinestone embroidered shirt after winning the crown.

Gardner said the shirt will add to her crown which are now her "treasures" as she reflects on her years in high school.

Gardner is set to graduate from Newcomerstown High School on Sunday, May 25. And her graduating can be credited to her new family.

Lefler became Gardner's legal guardian in 2010. She had her as a student in elementary school and just felt a motherly connection to her.

It was at the end of Gardner's eighth grade year that the opportunity came about for Lefler to become Gardner's guardian and she took it.

"I was a mother," Lefler said about adopting Gardner. "It was a kind of natural. I've always had a motherly instinct for Chelsea. We've been together ever since."

"I love my mom," Gardner said.

Once graduation is over and accompanying party and a trip to Niagara Falls is complete, Gardner will start a two-year program at Buckeye Career Center for helping her develop independent living skills.

Until then, she's counting down until the last days of school are out.

But she has one last way to say thanks to those students who voted for her for Prom queen. She will be placing a thank you note and piece of candy on each high school students' locker.

"She just loves to help people and you can see that in her actions," Lefler said.