Since the birth of Newcomerstown 200 years ago, it has changed its face many times over. Businesses have opened and closed, and people have come and gone. But in our midst remain members of Newcomerstown's founding family, the Neighbors.

In or around 1813, Nicholas Neighbor made the long trek from New Jersey to the Tuscarawas Valley. He was so impressed with the area that he purchased 1,900 acres of land and then returned to New Jersey. In 1814, along with brothers William and David, he convinced 60 other family members and friends to move west with them to Ohio. Upon arrival they took up residence in cabins that had been abandoned by the Delaware Indians. They later built cabins of their own in what was then known as Neighbor Town.

Fast forward to 2014, things have changed. The population has grown to around 4000 and the name has been changed to Newcomerstown. In this, the Bicentennial year, the graduating class of Newcomerstown High School includes the great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of William Neighbor, one of the three brothers who founded the village. Her great-grandfathers in order of succession from William were Jacob, Samuel, Robert W., Howard, Earl and her Grandfather David Lee. Abbey Nicole Neighbor, daughter of David Chad and Vickie Neighbor, will graduate May 25 and will attend Mount Union College in the fall.

l where she will major in biology in preparation for a career as a physician's assistant. Abbey has a brother, David Scott, who graduated from NHS in 2011.