CAMBRIDGE -- Southeastern Med is fortunate to host Guernsey County's cancer registry. A cancer registry collects information and data regarding individuals who have been diagnosed with all forms of cancer. This information is systematically recorded, charted, and monitored to maintain accuracy. The usefulness of the information recorded by cancer registrars is invaluable, especially concerning cancer screening, research, and education.

Southeastern Med's Cancer Registry Department is responsible for keeping an on-going record of all individuals who are diagnosed with cancer in Guernsey County. The registrar collects data on newly-diagnosed cancer patients, follows up on patients' condition and status, and reports that information to the state and national cancer registries as mandated. This information is used to provide precise statistical information regarding specific types of cancers as well as the prevalence of various cancers in geographical regions. Bonnie Burns, Cancer Registry manager at Southeastern Med, noted that there are currently around 190 new cancer diagnosis' each year in Guernsey County alone.

As a part of the Cancer Registry, patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer receive additional support from Southeastern Med associates. Sharon Gay, R.N.C, is the Breast Health Navigator at Southeastern Med and works closely with the Cancer Registry to best serve patients. Gay holds an essential role as contact person for referring physicians, patients, and caregivers. As the Breast Health Navigator, she also provides various resources and helps evaluate clinical and supportive care services offered within Southeastern Med and in the community.

When discussing the importance of having a cancer registry, Burns said, "This is a really unique program for hospitals to have. The use of this information is essential in the future of healthcare!"

For information on Southeastern Med's Cancer Registry, contact Bonnie at 740-439-8156.