AR celebration volunteers

West School students are busy earning 16,000 AR points as a building to have the AR Celebration on the last day of school. We have a way to go, but if we reach our building goal, everyone at West School will get to attend the celebration.This is a big event and many volunteers are needed for it to be a success. Volunteer sheets were sent home the week of May 12 if you are able to volunteer. Please fill out the sheet and return it to Mrs. Durben or call the school.

Fourth Nine Weeks AR Reward

For West School students who earn their fourth nine weeks individual goals, they will earn an ice cream sandwich during the last week of school. The last day to earn individual AR goals is Friday, May 23.

Library volunteers

Mrs. Durben is looking for adult volunteers to help organize the library shelves during the week of May 19 as students return books for the last time this year. We will be doing alphabetical and numerical order. Inventory of all the books will be done the following week, so getting them organized is an important job before inventory begins. A volunteer paper was sent home the week of May 12 if you are able to help. Please fill out the sheet and return it to Mrs. Durben or call the school.

Library closing date

The last day for library classes at West School is Friday, May 23. West students must have their books returned by this date. Students with outstanding books after the last day of school will be issued a lost book fee. Report cards will be held for students with books still out or damaged and lost fees not paid. Please make sure your child has a clear library account by Friday, May 23.

Second grade news

The end of our year is fast approaching. Friday, May 30, the last day of school, will be an early dismissal. Please make arrangements for transportation with your child prior to this. If your student has no outstanding fees, i.e. unpaid cafeteria fee, school supply fee, missing textbooks/library books, etc, his or her grade card will be issued at this time along with the supply list for next year.

There will be a "Back to School Fair" again this year on Tuesday, Aug 12. Plan on attending this event if your child is in need of any extra school supplies.

Parents, please, please, please encourage your child to continue to read over the summer. The library is an excellent source of free reading materials for your child. The library even has a summer reading program designed to encourage your child to read during the summer and keep his or her reading skills sharp. Sign up and registration for this will begin soon. Participants will receive prizes and incentives to read and also get their names entered into special drawings. In addition, magazines, newspapers, billboards, street signs, grocery stores, etc. can provide additional reading practice for your child. Talk to your child, ask him or her to read street signs or help make grocery store or chore lists. Anything to sharpen their reading skills, problem solving skills and vocabulary will be of benefit.

To keep your child's math skills sharp over the summer, have them make flashcards of basic math facts to 20 or use playing cards or dice to practice adding and subtracting basic facts. Have your child count coins and dollars or add up amounts of items at the store. Maybe, give them a small allowance that he or she earns and then help them budget their money. Anything that deals with adding/subtracting and problem solving is great practice. Have a safe and fun summer break and we will see you all at the end of summer!

Third grade news

The third grade staff would like to thank parents for their support during OAA test week and throughout the school year. We also wish to thank the PTO for all you did to recognize and celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Third grade students and staff enjoyed the field trip to historic Roscoe Village. Students especially liked the horse drawn canal boat ride. Students are working hard to meet the school AR goal of 16,000 points. Help your child maintain the gains they made this school year by encouraging them to read at least 10 minutes a day during summer vacation.