WEST LAFAYETTE -- Upon receiving the resignation (effective for July 17) of Water-Wastewater Superintendent Travis Hahn at the July 14 regular session, village council held a special session on July 22 to put together a plan of action to keep the water-wastewater plant operating.

According to EPA guidelines, the village is required to notify the EPA of any resignation/ termination of an operator within three days. The village then has up to 30 days to report their plan of action regarding replacement of the operator, and how they will manage the operation of the water-wastewater treatment plant until a qualified replacement is found. Hahn reportedly had agreed to assist the village briefly until another qualified operator is hired. Hahn was requesting a contract agreement to provide his assistance.

Following the discussion at the July 22 special session, council later approved a plan to have David McVey, who holds a class III water-wastewater operator's license, to temporarily assist the village until a full time operator is found. It was agreed that McVey would be brought in for training, and while he is familiarizing himself with the West Lafayette plant, Dave Kadri, village administrator, has agreed to work the 20 hours per week (20 hours a week is required by EPA for compliant operation of the water-waste water treatment plant).

Kadri currently holds a class I operator's license, and is awaiting his class II water-wastewater operator's license. He will then work the remaining hours performing his typical village administrator duties.

The water-wastewater superintendent position requires four hours per day times five days per week. Once, McVey is familiarized with the operations, he will then work the required 20 hours, and Kadri will work 10 hours per week. Council later approved the rate for McVey at $35 per hour, plus receive PERS pension.

While the class II license is necessary to operate the water-waste water plant, the village will advertise for a class I, II or class III. Council later agreed to pursue advertising for the position immediately. Public works committee (Rich Wheeler, Tim Cheney and Craig Bordenkirker) will work with the Village Administrator to develop a description for the advertising of the position.

Other business discussed at the July 14 regular session included:

Council approved dues paid for the village's membership to the Mayors Association of Ohio.

The village will be sprayed for mosquitoes on July 15. Village Administrator Dave Kadri reminded residents to empty any/all items that collect free-standing water. This will greatly help to control the mosquito population as stagnate water is a vector that facilitates population of new larvae/eggs.

Newly-hired Fiscal Officer Roberta Moore said she had just completed two days of fiscal training, and will soon begin training on payroll and income taxes.

Council later approved part-time employee/interim fiscal officer Kim Meek-Obed for up to 20 hours per week to temporarily assist Moore.

Council approved the Mayor to submit the 2015 budget to the county auditor for the purpose of adding a necessary levy that provides the income of the police department. The levy also covers the pay for the Mayor, and the village's attorney.

During citizens comments, Phil Shearrow voiced concern about the village's earlier decision regarding purchase of a new backhoe, and truck verses purchasing a used backhoe, and truck, for the purpose of reducing spending, saving citizen's the added interest.

"I would like to see the village look at more options, and save our money," Shearrow.

Citizen Darin Welker had concerns regarding liability and maintenance for the trees located on the strip of land between the village streets and local citizen's property. The question was to be referred to the Village Solicitor William Owens.

Council later went into executive session to discuss personnel.