The villages of Newcomerstown and West Lafayette are both requesting their citizens' attention regarding a couple matters that are currently a concern.

During the regular session at Newcomerstown this past Monday, it has been brought to council's attention that some citizens are not getting the message clearly enough concerning the disposal and pick-up of leaves. It was reported that more than several citizens have been found to have swept their leaves into the streets. The village's street committee had previously given direction on the leaf pick-up during the last couple regular meetings. They specifically asked that all citizens not rake or sweep their leaves into the street due to risk of the sewage drains becoming clogged with leaves.

Once again, the village street committee is requesting that all citizens either mulch your leaves with your lawn mower, bag the leaves, or rake them to the section of property between the streets and the sidewalk, known as the curb strip. The village will then come by to pick them up. Citizens that have bagged leaves ready to go now can also call the street department at 740-498-8655 to make arrangements for the bags to be picked up. So do not rake or sweep any leaves into any of the streets.

The village of West Lafayette is also asking for their citizens to pay close attention to the burning ban that is currently in effect through November. Citizens are not to be doing any open burning during the day light hours, and are only permitted to do burning from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. The village also has a large sign placed near the West Lafayette Fire Department reminding citizens about the burning ban.

Both municipalities are asking that citizens adhere to these requests and pointed out that both requests are for every

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citizen's own

best interest and not meant to cause conflict. The leaf issue would potentially lead to the sewer system becoming clogged, and in turn cause back flow into citizen's homes and yards. The system would also then become disabled, causing citizens to have sewer services disrupted. The burning issue would lead to potential fires with the hot embers falling onto the dry grass and not being noticed during the daytime. A fire could potentially damage property or many properties.