Principal's News

Ohio is among many other states in the consortium called the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) which developed Ohio's new English language arts and mathematics state tests for grades 3-12. Ohio is also administering new state tests in science and social studies. American Institutes for Research (AIR) is the vendor for these tests. All districts and schools with eligible students are required to administer these tests. We are preparing for the second round of state testing called end of year assessments.

Here are the end of year testing dates for West School students:

Third Grade: Math - April 27 and 28

Fourth Grade: ELA - April 14, Math - April 29 and 30, Social Studies - May 6

Fifth Grade: ELA - April 24, Math - May 5 and 7, Science - May 13.

Students will be testing in the morning each day and each test will last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Students take these tests online using a Chromebook.

In addition to the new state tests -- all third grade students will take the Grade 3 reading Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) on April 22. The OAA is still a paper/pencil test. Please make sure students get to school on time (the tardy bell rings at 8:15 a.m.) as we start testing first thing in the morning.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Muffins with Mom. We enjoyed having you!

It's hard to believe but the school year is quickly coming to a close. Teachers are planning field trips and other special activities for the month of May. We are looking forward to a fun end of the year!

Second graders get Yoga mats

On March 20, Cindy Kostecki, of Crowtown Yoga, paid a special visit to Mrs. Wright's second grade class at Newcomerstown West Elementary School. With her, she brought twenty new yoga mats purchased with money raised from a Go Fund Me account she had created especially for Mrs. Wright's students so that they could incorporate and practice yoga in the classroom. Her kindness and generosity along with the others who donated made this possible. Miss Cindy even took time out of her day to show the students some yoga poses and teach them how to breathe deeply and slowly. The students learned that when they practice yoga, they learn how to be still. This helps them to listen with attention and make good decisions among numerous other benefits. Many professional organizations now endorse and recommend that children should participate in activities that support the development of the whole child. This is exactly what yoga is about! Parents of Mrs. Wright's second grade class, ask your child to show you a yoga pose or two and practice some slow, deep breathing and meditation.

West Book Fair

Thank you for your support at the West School Scholastic book fair. The kids really enjoyed seeing the new books and making their own purchases. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to work the book fair. It is a big event and I would not be able to do it on my own.

Library fees

The end of the school year is quickly approaching. If your child has a lost or damaged library book fee, please help them find the book they are missing or help them to be responsible for getting the fee paid.

AR celebration


If our building earns 16,000 AR points, we will have the annual AR Celebration on the last day of school. This event needs MANY volunteers to make it happen. Mrs. Durben will be sending home a paper asking for volunteers at the beginning of May, but wanted to give a heads up so you can plan ahead.

AR activity

The kids had a great time "reading in the West," for the third nine weeks AR activity. Students enjoyed a snack and a Capri-Sun drink while reading and listening to sounds of the western cowboy days.

The fourth nine weeks AR reward will be an ice cream sandwich for students who earn their goals.

Second grade news

As the school year winds down there is still a lot to do. Please check the weather before sending your children to school to make sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather. Our field trip to McKinley Museum is this month so make sure you send in your permission slip and money. Also you might need to stock up on pencils and other supplies to get your child through the end of the school year. Continue to work on reading a little bit every night along with practicing all those math skills.

Third grade news

The end of the year is fast approaching and the third graders are working hard preparing for the upcoming tests. On April 22, we will take our spring OAA test and on the 27 and 28 will be taking our Math PARCC tests. Please make sure that the children get a good nights rest the night before and be sure to wish them good luck! Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts. Also don't forget to make sure to read 15 minutes each night! Happy Spring from all the third graders!

In ELA, we have been discussing the skills theme, compare and contrast, and inference in our stories. We will be reviewing for our end of year test the next couple of days. Our test is on Tuesday, April 14th. Try to make sure your child gets plenty of rest and breakfast that morning! We still have our Reading Log, so encourage your child to read their 20 minutes each night.

Fourth grade news

Our math classes have been working on measuring angles using a protractor and they are now working on identifying characteristics of patterns within numbers and shapes. The students are going to be using the math strategies they have learned this year to solve real world problems such as planning a party for their friends complete with food, drink, decorations and entertainment when given a budget. Our end of year PARCC assessment is on April 29 and 30, so we will use every opportunity to review our skills for this test.

In science, we are going to be starting our Life Science unit. It will cover cells, classifying organisms, and ecosystems. We will be back to using our science books also, so please check that your child has their book at home to help them complete homework and study for tests.

In Ohio History, students have examined various primary and secondary sources to reconstruct a historical event. Students analyzed six sources from the Boston Tea Party. They were introduced to the term bias and why certain witnesses were influenced by their backgrounds. This has been a challenging exercise, but students have worked very hard and I'm enjoying their stories. The AIR test for Ohio History will be on May 6.

Fifth grade news

We are in the final nine weeks of school, which happen to be extremely busy and extremely fun!! HOWEVER, we still have plenty to teach and review before the EOY PARCC tests. So, please stay focused. Continue to do your best. Turn in assignments. Continue to read AR. Continue with good behavior. Finally, PLEASE do not slack off!

End of Year (EOY) PARCC testing dates

ELA: Friday, April 24.

Math: Tuesday, May 5th and Thursday, May 7.

Science: Wednesday, May 13.