WEST LAFAYETTE -- Monday night's regular council session brought approval of ordinance (No. 2015-09) establishing the 2015 pay schedule for village employees. The pay schedule is as follows:

Police Department:

Police Chief at $38,228 per year.

Patrolman Class II, full time status, at $13.12 per hour.

Patrolman Class II, full time, probationary status, at $12 per hour.

Patrolman Class I, part time status, at $12 per hour.

Patrolman Class I, part time, probationary status, at $10.50 per hour.

Street, Water, and Sewer Department:

Labor, Class II, full time status, at $12.68 per hour.

Labor, Class II, full time, probationary status, at $11.56 per hour.

Labor, Class I, part time status, at $10.50 per hour.

Administration and Office Employees:

Mayor, at $5,500 per year.

Village Administrator, includes all adjustments of O-EPA Water/Sewer licenses. No health insurance benefits, at $49,800 per year.

Fiscal Officer, at $32,740 per year.

Office Manager/ Tax Administrator, full time status, at $13.05 per hour.

Office Manager, probationary status, at $10.30 per hour.

Council Member, at $2,004 per year.

Council members absent for scheduled committee meetings shall have compensation reduced to $83.50 for every two unexcused absences. The chairman is responsible for granting approval of an excused absence, and will report unexcused absences to the Fiscal Officer.

For non-exempt employees over-time shall be paid at a rate of one and one half times the regular hourly rate:

/ Hours in excess of forty hours worked within a

See PAY, page 10

scheduled pay week.

/ Any village employee scheduled to work on a holiday shall receive 1.5 times their regular rate in addition to their regular holiday pay.

/ If an employee is called back to work after leaving the work place at the completion of their normal scheduled shift. Over-time pay will stop at the beginning of the normal scheduled shift or when the employee leaves the work place when the task is completed.

/ There shall be no compounding of over-time hours.

Employees requesting changes to their normal scheduled shift shall not create any over-time pay. This does not apply to an employee using vacation, personal leave, or sick time.

Un-worked holidays will be considered as time worked for the purpose of computing over-time when the holiday falls on a regularly scheduled work day. Un-worked holidays will not be considered as time worked for the purpose of computing over-time when the holiday falls on a regularly scheduled day off.

For the purposes of computing over-time hours; vacation, personal, death of a family member, or sick days will not be considered time worked.

If an employee has eligible paid time off; vacation, personal, death of a family member, or sick leave it must be used before an employee can request no pay.

For the following employees who have successfully taken and completed the training required and passed the required examinations to obtain a Class I, or Class II operator's license for the water or waste water treatment plant in the year 2015 or in such subsequent years as may be approved by council in the future pay ordinances, the pay rate for said employee shall be increased by the amounts given below. This amount will be added to the pay rates in the above sections.

100% of the amount will be paid when the license is issued by the Ohio EPA.

Fire Department:

Fire Chief, at $2,000 per year.

Assistant Fire Chief, at $2,000 per year.

Volunteer Firemen, ay $10.00 per each fire run.

The per each fire run payment does not apply to either the Fire Chief, or Assistant Fire Chief positions.

The volunteer firemen will be paid annually per report of the Fire Chief.

The bonus payment for the purpose of this ordinance shall be defined as compensation for services rendered in reporting to emergency calls. The bonus payment is paid only when the person reports to and arrives at the fire station.

A village employee may also serve as a village volunteer fireman. A village employee may not be paid for a fire run simultaneously with his pay for village work. If the fire run commences before the end of the village employee's work shift, the employee may be paid for his village shift work and the fire run if the fire run lasts for any period of time after the end of the employee's work shift.

Non-exempt employees in the Police Department working special events will be paid at a rate of 1.5 times their normal straight time rate for working the said event. A special event is defined as an event whereby the village is reimbursed by the third party sponsoring the special event. The Police Chief will negotiate a rate.

Other business discussed at the June 22 regular session included:

/ Village solicitor William Owens will attend an income tax laws conference at Dublin on July 8-10. He was approved by council to be reimbursed the registration fee.

/ Village fraud insurance was recently increased from $5,000 to $100,000.

/ Council briefly discussed a possible clean-up project at a former village dump site on the north side of the village. The project would basically be trimming, leveling overgrown brush, and small trees at the site. The village has decided there should be no digging or removing any soil due to the lack of information on what may have been dumped at the site when it was being used 75 to 80 years ago.

/ A resolution (No. 2015-10) was approved concerning adding funds to the permanent appropriations funds for capital outlay distribution: water at a cost of $15,000, and capital outlay: land and buildings at a cost of $7,000. The 601 funds will be used for widening of access road at the north reservoir, service line repairs on south Oak Street, back flow requirements around the former Penn Michigan facility, and the development of a back flow program as required by the Ohio Revised Code. The 602 funds will be used to cover costs for replacing a partially collapsed sewer line at Indian Circle, and to repair damaged/leaking roofs of storage buildings at the WWTP.

Council's next meeting is set for July 13 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.