For many it was a trip of a lifetime.

That trip was traveling with their high school classmates (who took Spanish, French or history classes) to Madrid, Spain, and Paris, France, June 8-15.

Newcomerstown High School Spanish teacher Desiree Welch was in charge of the trip where 12 students and eight adults did fundraisers over the past year to take a trip of a lifetime.

"We want to thank the community for supporting our fundraisers," Welch said.

The group took an overnight flight and landed in Madrid, Spain, where as soon as they landed, the sightseeing started with a long walk through the city. They stayed in the Ibis Hotel in Madrid.

They were able to see the Puerta del Sol, which is a large historical plaza with a shopping center similar to Macy's. This was one of the places that Welch used in her classroom for students to "pretend to purchase" items back in Newcomerstown. Her students were excited to visit some of the places that they have discussed in class.

The second day in Madrid was a bus tour of historical landmarks, such as Gran Vía, Columbus Square, and the stadium that Real Madrid soccer team plays in. That night during dinner, the group was entertained with flamenco dancers and many of the students tried their hand at doing the dances.

"That was the most fun of all the dinners we had," Welch said.

Overall, she said she loved the dinners because they were all family-style meals around big tables where everyone got to interact and discuss the day. However, the food in both countries was different than American cuisine. They ate authentic French and Spanish foods each day. Welch said she promised her students that if they wanted to try something different, she'd taste it with them. She held true on her promise as they tried small eels and snails.

On the third day in Madrid, they toured the Prado Art Museum, which is also one of the landmarks they discussed in Mrs. Welch's class, followed by a trip to the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Then it was off to Paris, where the group saw many cathedrals, including Notre Dame and Montmartre. They took a boat cruise down the Seine River through Paris where they started under the Eiffel Tower. Once the boat returned, the group took the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

"We saw everything in the skyline at Paris. The Eiffel Tower was definitely the highlight of our trip." Welch said.

They even saw the Louvre Museum, where the Mona Lisa is on display, and the Love Locks Bridge, where couples engrave their names on the locks and they are hung on the bridge to symbolize their love for each other.

Welch said this was the first trip she has taken with a group of high school students and could not have asked for a better group of kids and adults.

"The kids were great. They were polite and attentive throughout the trip," Welch said. "This was the perfect group of kids to take."

As far as the next trip, she said it will be in three to four years so that students during their high school career would have at least one chance of going abroad.