GoBus announces the addition of new GoBus routes as well as new schedules for the current routes.

Due to the increase in demand and the success of GoBus, the Ohio Department of Transportation has expanded the Gobus program to further enhance accessibility between rural communities and urban centers across Ohio.

The changes in the GoBus program create more opportunities for residents to travel the state and beyond to access employment opportunities, health care, tourism areas, shopping, universities and colleges, airports and Greyhound Bus lines and other intercity travel options that bridge the gap between home and your desired destination.

The new and expanded routes are as follows:

/ Columbus/Athens/Parkersburg & Cincinnati/Athens routes: On April 14, the Columbus and Cincinnati routes began originating partially out of Athens and a third Athens to Columbus round trip was added to the schedule. These changes allow rural residents the opportunity to make day trips to Columbus and Cincinnati and more possibilities for bus connections with Greyhound and the airport to other metropolitan areas. Cincinnati route stops include: Athens, Ohio University, Albany, Jackson, Waverly, Peebles, Seaman, Batavia, Cincinnati Greyhound, and University of Cincinnati. Columbus route stops include: Parkersburg, Marietta, Coolville, Athens, Ohio University, Nelsonville, Logan, Lancaster, Columbus Greyhound and Columbus Airport. Lakefront Lines is the operator of these routes.

New routes include:

/ Cleveland /Parkersburg/Athens route: On March 6, GoBus began running a once daily round trip between Cleveland and Athens under a new partnership with Barons Bus Lines. Stops include: Parma, Cleveland, Broadview Heights, Akron, Canton, Mt. Eaton, New Philadelphia, Newcomerstown, Cambridge, Caldwell, Marietta, Parkersburg, Coolville, Athens and Ohio University.

/ Cleveland /Parkersburg/Charleston, W.Va. route: On March 6, the Ohio portion of an already established route that runs once daily between Cleveland and Charleston, W.Va., began to receive funding. Stops will include Cleveland, Akron, Canton, New Philadelphia, Newcomerstown, Cambridge, Caldwell, Marietta, Parkersburg, W.Va., Ripley, W.Va., and Charleston, W.Va.. Barons Bus Lines is the operator of this route.

/ Columbus/Wooster route: Starting on June 8, GoBus will be launching a twice daily roundtrip route between Columbus and Wooster operated by Lakefront Lines. Stops will include Port Columbus Airport, Columbus Greyhound Station, Newark, Mt. Vernon, Gambier, Berlin and Wooster.

/ Chicago/Columbus/Cleveland route: Starting on June 8, an existing intercity route operated by Barons Bus Lines that runs once daily between the major cities of Chicago, Columbus and Cleveland will begin to receive funding for the rural portion of the route between Van Wert and Columbus. While this will not be a GoBus branded route, it will connect with our Columbus/Athens route as well as our Columbus/Wooster route. Stops along the subsidized portion include Columbus, Marysville, Kenton, Lima, Delphos and Van Wert.

An exciting new feature of the expansion is that the base price for all one city-over tickets will only be $5, giving residents another option for regional travel.

For example, passengers getting on the Cambridge stop at the Marathon gas station at 2245 Southgate Parkway can go to the Caldwell or Newcomerstown stops for just $5 one-way.

To find out the ticket price for your trip, visit ridegobus.com/gobustickets.

For more information on GoBus, including stop locations, schedules and ticket pricing, or questions, contact Carolyn Conley at 740-767-4500 or visit the website at RideGoBus.com.

The GoBus Intercity Bus Service is a collaborated effort between the Federal Transit Administration, Ohio Department of Transportation and Greyhound, and administered by Hocking Athens Perry Community Action.

The project is part of a nationwide effort to connect rural areas and urban centers that result in connections of greater regional, statewide, and national significance.